Take Storytelling Outdoors

Take Storytelling Outdoors

Storytelling is one of the most natural forms of communication and plays a role in child development at schools. As a specialist in playground equipment we have vast experience in creating outdoor reading and storytelling areas for schools and nurseries.

Outdoor storytelling increases motivation and enables friendships to develop, as children communicate and socialise. Outdoor storytelling can be made even more memorable with a range of products to enhance learning.

Create an area to read outdoors with a seating area which defines a space to gather. This helps to enhance the feeling of community which is great for bonding and building friendships.  An outdoor classroom provides the opportunity for outdoor storytelling all year round, and can be used for other activities too.

A storyteller’s chair within a dedicated reading zone, encourages children to take part in storytelling, promoting communication skills, and developing confidence and self-esteem.  A story circle encourages participation with children, improves listening skills and increase their enthusiasm for reading.

Telling stories doesn’t have to be kept to a dedicated reading zone. Playground equipment can be used to encourage role play and bring stories to life.  Stories often include items such as trains, castles or animals or of which are available as playground sculptures or play units.  Role play can help children to understand stories if they struggle with the language as they can act out a situation.

Outdoor musical instruments engage pupils as they can add dramatic sound effects at important parts of the story. Children will engage with storytelling if they are able to act out parts from books or scripts they have written themselves. Other activities could involve an improvised performance with the story passed from pupil to pupil using only one line.