Get Active – National Heart Month

Get Active – National Heart Month

Every February, British Heart Foundation, celebrate Heart Month. The aim is to encourage everyone to make a small change towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Exercising helps to keep your heart strong.

Being active helps keep your heart healthy. You can be in control by taking just 10 minutes a day to make a change.

You can fit in being active within the school day. Encourage children to walk or cycle to school.  Walking and cycling to school not only provides daily exercise but it’s an opportunity to develop social skills, communication and independence if they walk together with their friends. Taking 10 minutes every day to encourage physical activity can make a small change towards being healthy.

Even playing outdoors can have a big impact. Playing outdoors stimulates the mind and promotes physical development. Outdoor playground equipment such as trim trails or outdoor gyms promote active and physical play. Playground equipment creates a fun way to get children to engage in physical activity, without even realising they are exercising.

So why not use February to get active and stay active for life. British Heart Foundation has a number of ideas on how to get active and fundraise at the same time.

View the British Heart Foundation’s booklet  ’10 Minutes to Change Your Life’.