National Gardening Week – Getting Children Outdoors

National Gardening Week – Getting Children Outdoors

National Gardening Week (10th-16th April) was launched six years ago by the Royal Horticulture Society and is now the largest celebration of gardening. This year it focuses on ‘Help New Gardeners Grow’ and hopes to inspire more home gardeners to reap the benefits of gardening. It provides the perfect opportunity to get children involved with gardening. Gardening has a variety of skills and benefits for children, and provides a rewarding approach to learning, whilst being active outdoors.

Children gain a sense of responsibility looking after plants and growing vegetables. From weeding to watering, gardening encourages physical development promotes responsibility.

Gardening also develops problems solving skills to adapt to new challenges within the garden. As children wait for plants to grow it provides an opportunity to learn about insects, the environment and the life cycle of plants.

Limited space does not need to stop you from creating a garden space. A few planters can still provide the area for children to grow their own plants, and allows children to get involves with gardening from a young age.

The National Gardening Week website provides a number of garden ideas, all of which children can get involved with, including growing tomatoes, building a compost café or get started with a whole allotment.