Outdoor Classroom Day – Enjoy Learning Outdoors

Outdoor Classroom Day – Enjoy Learning Outdoors

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign which aims to encourage schools to spend at least one lesson outside on 18th May 2017.  Outdoor classroom day aims to raise awareness of the benefits of outdoor learning and play.

Outdoor Classroom Day provides an opportunity for teachers to give outdoor learning a go and see how it can be beneficial to their pupils. Learning outdoors has become just as important as the traditional classroom. When children are outdoors it inspires them, they are more motivated and want to learn. 

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning has many benefits, it can help to develop skills, and have an overall positive impact on children’s development. Outdoor learning can take place in the confines of the school ground. The outdoor environment can encourage children who may struggle in a traditional classroom, an alternative way to learn. Being outdoors can motivate and inspire children to learn. Outdoor learning can be crucial in a child’s development. Outdoor learning provides a link to the natural world, which some children may not experience on a regular basis. Learning outdoors creates lasting memories and an opportunity for children to think independently. 

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play also has many benefits and is just as important as the rest of the school day. Playtime is the time where friendships are formed through imaginative play and communication. 

Outdoor Classrooms

More and more schools are introducing outdoor classrooms which offer a permanent area to learn, whilst being outdoors on a regular basis. Outdoor learning on a regular basis can be beneficial to children. Hand Made Places have a range of outdoor classrooms and shelters which can be used for outdoor learning and play. Outdoor classrooms create a designated areas to learn outdoors whilst providing protection from rain, and shade in the summer months.

Hand Made Places design, manufacture and install a range of timber outdoor shelters and classrooms.