The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile

What is the #DailyMile?

The #DailyMile is an initiative which encourages children to walk, run, or jog for one mile per day. The initiative started at a primary school in Scotland just four years ago, and works on the idea that it only takes an average of 15 minutes for a child to run one mile. By doing this just once per day, a child’s physical and mental health will improve by a significant amount. It takes just four weeks for the #DailyMile to have a positive impact on a child’s fitness level, but these aren’t the only benefits. Head teachers from all over the UK have said that there is a noticeable improvement in pupils’ concentration, mood and behaviour.

The #DailyMile needs no specialist equipment! This means it’s completely free to get involved. Children can run about in their school uniform, so there are no excuses. The #DailyMile is a one size fits all activity, meaning anybody, of any age, and any ability can get involved. This non-competitive form of exercise gives children the confidence they need to get involved in more sport outside of school. It encourages children to get outside, get fit, socialise and most importantly, have fun. Not even the weather can stop you! Head teachers have said that only snow or ice would stop them from doing their #DailyMile. Rain is no problem, just pop on your coat and go.

Over 3000 schools up and down the UK are taking part in the #DailyMile, and yours could be next.

Why should my school take part?

Childhood obesity rates are still at an all-time high. One in five children are overweight when they start school at age four, and one in three are overweight when they leave primary school at age 11. These figures are due to children living a more sedentary lifestyle, and not spending as much time outdoors. In order to combat these ever rising statistics, the NHS have recommended that children should get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. The government suggest that school lunch breaks and play times equate to about 30 minutes of exercise through active play. This means that children are only getting about half of their recommended daily amount at school.

That is where the #DailyMile comes in. If you take on the #DailyMile it means that children will be getting three quarters of their daily recommended exercise at school alone! Making it much easier for parents to encourage that last 15 minutes of exercise by getting out of the car and walking or cycling to school.

Where does Hand Made Places come in?

At Hand Made Places, we feel it is very important that children get their recommended daily amount of exercise. The NHS state that children need 60 minutes of both moderate and vigorous exercise each day. Vigorous exercise includes activities such as running, whereas moderate exercise covers active play. Our play equipment can provide children with hours of fun active outdoor play. Select equipment also comes with other health benefits too. Trim trails, trapeze rings and climbing frames will provide hours of fun, and exercise, that strengthens both muscles and bones. Therefore improving their fitness and wellbeing as they play.

The #DailyMile aims not only to improve the fitness levels in children, but also to get them experiencing the benefits of the outdoors. Here at Hand Made Places we also promote outdoor play and exercise. We recognise the physical and social benefits that just being outside can have, and that is without even moving.

So whether they run, walk, jog, hop or even skip, every child can benefit from the #DailyMile!