Build Your Own Christmas Themed Playground.

Build Your Own Christmas Themed Playground.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, especially for children. So why don’t you incorporate this great time of year into your outdoor play area! You can create your very own Lapland themed space for children to play in, and even host a visit from Santa Claus! You can use the playground equipment which we sell year round to create this small winter wonderland at your nursery or children’s centre. It’s guaranteed to bring festive joy to any playground!

Below Hand Made Places have come up with a list of five pieces of playground equipment which we recommend you use this winter! With just a pinch of imagination and a little festive magic you can transform these few pieces of playground equipment into great festive fun for everyone.

Log Train.                                                                                

Children love to play on this Log Train all year round. However at Christmas time you can make this train much more magical!  A little imagination goes a long way and children can pretend that this is the magical train which they would board to get to the North Pole! And once they have arrived this simple log train can magically become the train which the elves use to transport the gifts from Santa’s workshop to his sleigh! You can incorporate this into your activities by getting the children to make pretend presents from empty shoe boxes. These can then be placed aboard one of the carriages of the train! The possibilities are endless when children’s imaginations are involved meaning that this simple Log Train can be transformed into anything.

Vanilla Workshop.

The Vanilla Workshop is great fun all year round, and children often use it to engage in water or messy play! However when it comes to Christmas time this great piece of playground equipment can be transformed into Santa’s workshop! Children can pretend to be Santa’s elves helping him to make the presents for all the children who have made the ‘nice’ list this year. And just like in the log train you can get crafty and make some ‘presents,’ then bring them outside to the workshop and make the play much more fun and realistic. Children can pull the presents up on the lift and post them through the small hatch, to be boarded upon the log train! A great and fun idea for children of any age!

Fallow Stag Play Sculpture

No winter wonderland would be complete without its very own reindeer and though Hand Made Places don’t have a specific reindeer play sculpture we do have a Fallow Stag which can look very similar. And why not attach a red nose to your play sculpture to make your very own Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!  The children at your establishment will love to play with and interact with him! They can even pretend to feed him his very favourite food! Carrots!

Darell Gazebo

Our Darell Gazebo is used year round for messy play and outdoor learning, however as we approach the Christmas season it can also be used as your main stage for many different Christmas activities. One use was suggested by Boldon Children’s Centre who we supplied a Darell Gazebo to earlier this year. They said that they were looking forward to using it as a stage for their carol singing. An activity which can be enjoyed by both the children and their parents! And not only can this great shelter be used for carolling, but it can also be used to play host to Santa Claus himself. By putting in a chair and decorating it with some tinsel and fairy lights you can create a small Santa’s grotto, something that all the children will enjoy!


Papilio Bells are a great interactive musical instrument which can be used year round to enhance a child’s play experience. Children will enjoy playing these bells during any season, however during this festive period they become much more enjoyable. Playing along to jingle bells or creating their very own festive tune has never been as fun as it can be with these outdoor musical bells. You can also practice playing on the run up to your carol service and have a group of children who are not singing playing along! This will make them feel more involved, creating a great social experience.

Christmas is a great time for everyone especially children so why not enhance their play experience this festive season with Hand Made Places and a selection of our outdoor playground equipment. These pieces of outdoor playground equipment are sold year round so even when the festive period is over they can still be used for hours of imaginative and active play!