National Obesity Week!

National Obesity Week!

It’s National Obesity Week! A week which aims to draw attention to the ever growing obesity epidemic in the UK. Studies show that rates are at an all time high and could grow even more! Obesity rates in the UK are speculated to hit 50% by 2050. National Obesity Week runs from the 8th-14th of January 2018. It’s a campaign run by the National Obesity Forum to try and put a stop to the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the UK. They state that a combination of avoiding snacks, eating healthier and getting active can put a stop to obesity for good. By encouraging this type of behaviour in children, we can save them from weight related problems in adulthood.

Statistics state that people who were obese as children are more likely to be overweight or obese as adults. This comes with a price. Being obese is known to cause heart problems, diabetes and certain cancers. Therefore, in order to have a healthy adulthood, we need to ensure we promote a healthy childhood.

Help Children to Become More Active.

Children are spending more time indoors behind a screen, and this is one of the main causes for obesity in children under 15. We need to fix this problem meaning that as a nation we need to be more active! Making a change doesn’t have to be hard. Simple exercises, like walking to your local park, are a great way to increase your physical activity.

All outdoor activities do not have to be daunting, especially for children. Children can get enough exercise just from engaging in active play. Without even realising children are exercising their whole body whilst they play, especially when using outdoor playground equipment.

Doing Our Part.

At Hand Made Places we supply great quality outdoor play apparatus which encourages children to get outdoors and get active. Playing outdoors is a great way to get children moving as it stimulates the mind and improves physical health.

Encouraging children to play on equipment, such as outdoor play units, helps to improve their muscle tone and bone development. Projects like the one that we did at Townhill Infant School, promote active play, allowing children to get their daily recommended exercise, whilst having too much fun to notice.

Another piece of equipment that we have which enables children to have fun whist they exercise is our range of outdoor fitness equipment. Though specifically designed to encourage children to exercise, it is not lacking in the fun factor. Children can gain social interaction and improve their physical ability, and enjoy themselves, all whilst playing on our fitness equipment.

There are so many ways in which you can increase the amount of physical activity that your child engages in. However, here at Hand Made Places we believe that play is the best way! It not only provides children with hours of fun, but it also helps to prevent childhood obesity and improve major skills such as communication, and social interaction.