Hand Made Places Celebrates: Love Parks Week.

Hand Made Places Celebrates: Love Parks Week.

Love Parks Week: Hand Made Places

#LoveParks Week, an excellent campaign run annually by Keep Britain Tidy.

Their aim is to encourage everyone to respect the country’s parks!

The event is held mid July, so for just one month out of the year , we want you to visit your local park with loved ones and take a picture or video; make sure you share it using the tag #LoveParks and explain why you love your local park!

#LoveParks aims to use the tide of public support, to secure the quality of parks, for all future generations to enjoy.

Parks all over the UK are closing down. Without them, we will see a detrimental impact on the health and well-being of our children.

That’s why Keep Britain Tidy runs this campaign; the aim is to gain public support for the fight to secure the future of our parks.

Here at Hand Made Places we believe strongly in this campaign.

We want to encourage more and more people to get involved, securing the quality of our parks for future generations.

Love Parks Week

Why does Hand Made Places #LoveParks?

A park would not be complete without a play area. Somewhere where children can go, run around and have fun. And this is one reason why we #LoveParks!

Parks are often fully equipped with swings, slides and play units for the enjoyment of our children.

Children love to play outdoors!

Climbing, running, and overall engaging in active play. As we all know, this is great for children!

Not only does it provide them with hours of uninterrupted fun, it can also help to improve a child’s physical, mental and emotional development.

By playing outdoors on equipment such as the Trapeze Rings or the Birds Nest, children can improve their upper body strength, muscle flexibility and the overall health of their bones.

Trim trails, which include a multitude of different pieces of equipment, are also great for developing skills!

The Balance Beam, Stepping Stones and Wobble Bridge, are great pieces and are known for improving balance and hand eye co-ordination and will also go towards improving their overall fitness levels.

Trapeze Rings | Hand Made Places

Along with physical development, playing in public play areas can also help to improve social skills too.

Children will be able to interact with other children of a similar age whilst engaging in play.

This will then have positive effects on their social and communication skills. As well as teaching them about, patience, responsibility, turn taking and many more important developmental skills.

Outdoor play not only provides children with the above benefits,  but it also supports your child in their physical, mental, and emotional development. One fifth of children experience mental health difficulties, however through the use of outdoor play children can develop the necessary skills to help combat the effects of these issues.

Why should we support #LoveParks Week?

Love Parks Week | Hand Made Places

Young children need outdoor play.

Whether your child’s favourite is the Water Trays, the Lion Glockenspiel or the Play Units, they are all fun ways to exercise.

The NHS recommends at least three hours of exercise a day for children below the age of five. For older children, about seven hours per week is suggested.

This recommendation comes after we have seen a 5% increase in the number of obese children over just an eight year period.

Playing in parks daily can provide children with their full recommended amount of exercise. However, parks all over the country are increasingly run down.

#LoveParks week was set up to improve the quality of our parks and stop them from becoming obsolete.

We need to stop the practice of closing parks down in favour of making improvements.

As Keep Britain Tidy’s campaign gathers public support, this will demonstrate how much communities need and benefit from their local play areas.

Therefore here at Hand Made Places we are asking you to do your part!

Download your official #LoveParks Week resources then tell us, and the rest of the country, why you love your local park!