Outdoor Experts Reveal the Importance of Gardening

Outdoor Experts Reveal the Importance of Gardening

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Here at Hand Made Places, we believe in the importance of gardening and children spending time outside. In today’s world, it can be all too easy for kids to get sucked into “screen time”. That means many parents struggle to find fun ways to encourage their children’s imaginative, outdoor play.

Our friends at Kettler, experts in outdoor living, are spreading the word about the importance of gardening…

“Did you know that, on average, UK children only spend 16 minutes per day outside? Furthermore, only 23% of boys and 20% of girls meet the recommended level of daily physical activity.

We need to fix this situation. Research has shown that by spending time outside playing, children are more likely to be more relaxed, have increased memory and improved focus. They’ll also burn off excess energy while working those little muscles which will make bedtime a breeze!

One of the best ways to encourage children to spend time outdoors is by ensuring that they have access to green spaces. Children were 24% more likely to be active when provided with the space and equipment they need for fun outdoor play.

That’s where gardening comes in.”

Visit Kettler’s website to view their outdoor living range!

Kettler have put together a stunning guide to get everyone gardening at home and in school!


The team at Hand Made Places is proud to support outdoor play at schools and in parks across the UK.

We think gardening is one of the best pastimes that children and adults can take up and share in. That’s because it makes for fantastic playtime which engages with the senses and even the imagination.

With shared playground space and restrictions on phones and tablets, it’s very easy for schools to encourage children to get into gardening! View our Growing, Planting & Nature range to see how you could enhance your school grounds.