National Allotments Week 2018

National Allotments Week 2018

This year’s events run from the 13th to 19th of August, encouraging children and adults to go outside and get grubby by growing their own groceries.

The campaign is run by the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardening (NSALG); it is their aim to ensure everyone always has access to a safe, social place where they can grow their own produce. This is an initiative we would love to see spread far and wide. That’s because children’s allotment gardening is very beneficial…

Allotments are the perfect way to encourage younger children to lead a healthier lifestyle, allowing them to grow healthy foods and also engage in extra physical activity!

Here at Hand Made Places we want to carry on spreading the word about National Allotments Week; we must encourage more children to take an interest in this fantastic hobby.

Why Support National Allotments Week?

Allotment gardening has many health and wellbeing benefits for both children and adults.

Children will often choose an unhealthy snack over a healthier treat such as an apple or some carrot sticks. However, if they have grown the produce themselves they are much more likely to indulge in the healthier treat. This is due to the fact that they feel they have achieved something.

When a child grows their own food from scratch, it’s much more enticing than a shop-bought snack.

This is relevant more than ever in today’s society where children indulge in unhealthy snacks too often; sometimes even four times per day! A campaign released by Change4Life earlier this year targeted this exact issue.

What better way to take on these guidelines than by snacking on home-grown, healthy vegetables?

It’s not just the edible produce of a children’s allotment which is beneficial!

Children’s allotment gardening is also a great way to encourage more physical activity. By engaging in just 30 minutes of gardening you can burn up to 150 calories! This makes it great for children, as they can remain active whilst having fun!

Children need at least 60 minutes per day of physical activity, therefore gardening is a great idea! You can introduce more activity into a child’s life without them even realising!

On top of all of the health and wellbeing benefits of children’s allotment gardening, it’s also a great way to encourage young people to connect with their environment. Having an allotment can provide green space, even in the most urban of areas.

How Can You Show Support for National Allotments Week?

Many allotments have long waiting lists. However, this needn’t put you off! You can create a children’s allotment in a back yard or a school playground.

Children can grow an array of vegetables in Hand Made Places planters. The Vegetable Planter is great for growing all sorts, with peas and carrots being some of the easier ones. This type of gardening helps children to lead a healthier lifestyle at home… it can also help with developing important skills at school!

Gardening teaches skills such as patience and responsibility as well as improving literacy and numeracy skills. It’s also a great starting point for any science lesson which teaches phenomena such as photosynthesis. Furthermore, planters such as the Swan or Dragon Planter also encourage children to engage in imaginative play.

By creating a children’s allotment in a school with limited green space, you provide an area in which wildlife can thrive. This does wonders for the local environment!

Hand Made Places also produce a range of composting facilities and wildlife sanctuaries. These products allow children to enhance their allotment area even further. Why not do your bit to encourage more wildlife by adding a Minibeast HQ? You can provide a home for worlds of wildlife including butterflies, ladybirds and many more!


After the success of last year’s National Allotments Week, we hope you will make your way down to one of their many events which take place up and down the country. By supporting allotments for children, you help us towards giving every child the chance to have their own garden or green space, even in urban areas. Here at Hand Made Places, we think that’s amazing!