The Big Draw 2018

The Big Draw 2018

The 1st of October marks the beginning of the Big Draw. This festival of creativity was set up to promote everything which is great about drawing; that means they celebrate the freedom which radiates from being creative. This year’s theme is “PLAY”, therefore aiming to explore the creativity and inspiration which come from play time. This is something that here at Hand Made Places we feel very strongly about. Whilst engaging in play, particularly outdoors, children can discover new environments and new experiences. It’s is a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

Remember, no matter how good you think you are at drawing you can still take part. No matter your age, or ability, there are plenty of benefits of drawing. Plus, it’s heaps of fun whether you draw a family of stick figures or paint a masterpiece!

The Big Background of The Big Draw

The Big Draw is an international celebration which started as a one day festival, first held in the year 2000. Since then it has grown considerably. It has not only turned into a month long celebration, but has also spread all across the world. It really is bigger than ever. Furthermore, the festival is supported by many notable artists and illustrators. For example, Quentin Blake, the illustrator of Roald Dahl’s most recognisable children’s books.

The first day of the Big Draw 2018 falls on the 30th anniversary of the publication of Matilda. To celebrate this anniversary, Quentin Blake released some brand new illustrations of the ways he imagined Matilda as an adult. This is a wonderful start to the festival!

Organisers and participants celebrate the festival with drawing based events held in schools, libraries, museums and many other locations. As the event runs until the end of October, it’s the perfect excuse to encourage some fun and spooky drawings! Why not look for a Halloween event? You can find out what is happening near you using this great interactive map.

You may see drawing as simply a hobby or an activity, something undertaken outside of classroom hours. However, this fun pastime also comes with a multitude of benefits, especially for younger children – so why not celebrate it at school?

What are the Benefits of Drawing?

Children who draw a lot will show vast improvement in their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are responsible for a child’s ability to tie their shoe laces, zip their coat, cut out, and even write. Therefore it is essential that children practise drawing regularly in order to develop some of these important life skills.

Significantly, The Big Draw aims to encourage children to participate in more creative and art based activities. This is due to the fact that creative subjects, such as art and music have no ‘correct’ answers. This means that no matter what a child produces, they can expect praise.

With an increased confidence in the subject comes enjoyment, which may in turn lead to them becoming more interested in these types of subjects as they approach the end of primary school, high school and then on to college. Encouraging children to show creativity in this way, without strict boundaries, encourages them to express themselves. Then giving them the confidence to try new things in their other subjects too.

By allowing children the freedom to draw and create, we can encourage them to explore their surroundings. Setting tasks for children such as collecting leaves, and then arranging them into a collage, will allow them to become familiar with the outside world as well as experiencing different colours and textures.  Encouraging exploration is great for child development!  It makes them aware of their environment, promoting safety and understanding.

Where does Hand Made Places Fit in?

Hand Made Places design, install, and manufacture a wide range of playground equipment which are perfect for enticing creativity. With this year’s theme being PLAY we could not be any more excited for the part that our playground equipment will have in this great festival.

#Play2018 looks into all aspects of how playfulness can encourage creativity. Children who experience play on a regular basis often develop a broader imagination. This can then be transferred into their drawings. And not only this, our great equipment can also be used to create the drawings too!

Our Chalkboard, Dry Wipe Board and Tracing Board are all equipment within our range which encourage creativity. Children can use these aspects of the playground to design a game, illustrate a map, or even design a brand new piece of playground equipment which they would love to play on! No matter how silly or funny the task they are set is they will enjoy drawing on a large board.

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Not only can children take enjoyment from the creative aspect of our equipment but they can also benefit from the active play which comes with having these boards outside. Placing these boards within a playground will encourage children to develop a range of skill sets.

The Big Draw gives children the opportunity to express themselves creatively. It showcases a variety of different talents as well as allowing those who excel within artistic subjects to illustrate talents which are often overlooked within the typical school curriculum.