How to Throw a Winnie the Pooh Party

How to Throw a Winnie the Pooh Party

At Hand Made Places, we’re fans of anything which gets children involved with literature. One such way is to throw a party centred on popular children’s books. As recent live-action films suggest, Winnie the Pooh is an undyingly popular character and the perfect subject for activities. That’s why we’ve put together the best ideas on organising a Winnie the Pooh party!

So, whether you’re a parent with a penchant for the Hundred Acre Wood or a teacher looking for Winnie the Pooh Day ideas, settle in: this is where creativity and education meet nostalgia for that silly old bear…

Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas

Winnie the Pooh Invitations

The beauty of a strong party theme is how recognisable all the features are. All you need for Winnie the Pooh party invitations is some block colours and a black pen to create characters!

  • Red and yellow for Pooh
  • Grey/lavender for Eeyore
  • Orange for Tigger
  • Pink for Piglet

This task is simple enough for children to have a go at, or you can surprise them with your own beautiful crafts. Just grab some sugar paper, white card and glue, then get embellishing with a marker pen and scissors!

Take a look at our Winnie the Pooh character card designs below!

Winnie the Pooh invitations | Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas | How to Throw a Winnie the Pooh Party | Hand Made Places

Winnie the Pooh Costumes

Similarly, costumes are also quite easy. You can use string and leftover coloured paper to make animal-ear headbands to fit the character.

You needn’t go all out on clothes and fabrics – a bit of face paint and card goes a long way!


Make a Winnie the Pooh Classroom

The Hundred Acre Wood is a brilliant theme for a classroom. It’s easy to create and maintain indoors or, to save on paper and reap even more benefits, the real outdoors is a great option!

Willow Tunnel | Hundred Acre Wood Classroom | Winnie the Pooh Party | Playground Equipment | Hand Made Places

A Willow Tunnel creates a stimulating, eco-friendly area which provides natural shade.

At Hand Made Places it’s no secret that we love outdoor learning. As well as providing all sorts of outdoor classroom equipment, we also have plenty of ideas for Winnie the Pooh activities you can take outside.

Good to know… These activities are a strong set of instructions for throwing a Winnie the Pooh party, whether or not it’s at school!


Hundred Acre Wood Treasure Hunt

Now, you might not be able to lay your hands on a Heffalump without sufficient warning… However, it’s easy enough to replicate some Winnie the Pooh –related locations where you can hide some treats on the day. For example:

  • Pile up some sticks and branches to make Eeyore’s House at Pooh Corner
  • Mark out a specific tree as Owl’s home – don’t forget to misspell his name on the sign, “Wol”
  • Collect old jars, clean them and create Pooh’s honey stash (a great way of teaching recycling!)
  • The “Sandy Pit Where Roo Plays” is an easy one… Digging in a sandpit is an excellent opportunity for sensory play!

Winnie the Pooh Treasure Hunt Roo's Sandy Pit | Hand Made Places Sand Pit for Sensory Play | Winnie the Pooh Party Games

Why not take inspiration from a map of the Hundred Acre Wood? Alternatively, create your own based on the locations you’ve made around you.


Winnie the Pooh Plays and Storytelling

How to Throw a Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas | Winnie the Pooh Party Games | Winnie the Pooh lesson plan | Winnie the Pooh Classroom | Hand Made Places

Once the children have done their exploring, they might find it easier to follow the stories.

For sensory learners, it really helps to have additional storytelling equipment. This could include musical instruments for sound effects, puppets for characters and play sculptures for scenery.

Furthermore, you should also consider who will tell the story. You can take the lead as the adult, or assign a “storyteller” role for one of the children.

Another exciting idea is to act out short scenes from Winnie the Pooh, using costumes and locations from the party.

Take a look at our Stages and Performance equipment here!


‘I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,’ said Pooh.
‘There, there,’ said Piglet. ‘I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.’


Themes in Winnie the Pooh | Winnie the Pooh meaning | Discuss the messages of the book in your Winnie the Pooh Party | Hand Made Places

A full Story Circle in action.

Discuss the messages and meanings

This is at the heart of a Winnie the Pooh party; it’s one of the most important aspects of any storytelling activity.

Take the time to re-read the stories yourself before jumping in. At the heart of A. A. Milne’s work, you’ll see cuddly toys make friends and have adventures.

That’s what makes Winnie the Pooh such a strong party theme.

The perfect mix of excitement and comfort is something to cherish, as children discuss strong emotions in a safe environment.


Winnie the Pooh Artwork

This is a great “after lunch” activity for your Winnie the Pooh Day party. We suggest guiding children through collages and silhouettes. You can even use the same colour schemes as our Hundred Acre Wood invitations.

Winnie the Pooh artwork | How to make Winnie the Pooh art for children | How to throw a Winnie the Pooh Party | Hand Made Places

Here’s how to make Winnie the Pooh art for children:

  • Trace and cut out outlines of each character on black paper. Back with card from a cereal box.
  • Use old catalogues and mixed media to make character-themed colour collages.
  • Glue the character silhouettes to the corresponding coloured background.
  • Display the final pictures with your favourite Winnie the Pooh quotes.

As well as a calming, creative, sensory activity, this is a great opportunity to re-affirm the stories’ messages.

“Just because an animal is large, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want kindness; however big Tigger seems to be, remember that he wants as much kindness as Roo.”

Learning Through Play... Outdoor Musical Instruments - Hand Made Places

Involve the arts wherever you can! This is our adorable Kangaroo Glockenspiel.

Winnie the Pooh Party Games

Of course, party games are a must for your Winnie the Pooh Day celebrations, and perfect for rounding off the day. You can adapt normal games and challenges to fit in with the theme. Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Pin the tail on Eeyore
  • Kanga and Roo’s hopping race
  • What’s the Time, Christopher Robin?
  • Musical Heffalumps

When to throw a Winnie the Pooh Party

A. A. Milne’s characters have been around for almost a century, and they’re still as loved as ever. So you can be sure they’re not going to go out of fashion any time soon!

Springtime is an excellent time to plan your party or, alternatively, aim for Winnie the Pooh Day itself; Milne’s birthday, 18th January.

Whenever you plan to hold your Winnie the Pooh party, make sure you set aside a whole day – it’ll certainly be worth it!

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