Celebrating Poetry With Hand Made Places.

Celebrating Poetry With Hand Made Places.

Where will Hand Made Places Take You? | World Poetry Day | Hand Made Places

At Hand Made Places we make a conscious effort to promote learning through unique,  fun and innovative techniques. However, this does not mean that we neglect the traditional ones either.

Here at Hand Made Places we love literature, especially poetry.

Poetry is a wonderful art form which can help develop many key skills amongst school aged children.

… The benefits of poetry are truly endless! 

Children who write or perform poetry are more likely to have a better understanding of the English language. 

Pupils will be encouraged to explore language and language patterns in order to create their poetry.

On top of this pupils will be looking at rhyme, syllables, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphor and many other techniques. Thus improving their overall literary progression.

Additionally poetry performance can also help to aid in both:

…self-confidence as well as self esteem!

Children who perform their poems are more likely to progress on to public speaking, as well as being more verbally coherent.

Public speaking is a fantastic skill which will often come in handy later in life, so enabling this type of development at an early age is encouraged.

On top of this, encouraging poetry will also help to promote:  

…creative thinking.

Encouraging children to write poems about everyday situations,  will somewhat encourage them to think creatively about that topic.

Children will need to think outside of the box to create a fun and engaging poem about an everyday topic, something which may seem ‘boring’ will need added flare to make it unusual or interesting.

Teachers should set tasks such as ‘Write a poem about your school day‘ – Pupils will then need to engage their creative ideas to make this poem unique and exciting. Thus developing this key skill.

At Hand Made Places we have created our very own poem which will hopefully inspire you to do the same…

Where Will Hand Made Places Take You?

Where will Hand Made Places Take You? | World Poetry Day | Hand Made Places

Has our poem inspired you? Why not create your own poem about where your playground takes you – we’d love to hear them.