The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning | Hand Made Places

Children gain so much from playing and learning outdoors. From physical to mental health benefits, developing minds gain so much from experiencing the outside world.

That is why at Hand Made Places we believe that no matter what day, time, or weather condition – outdoor lessons should always be an option!

We feel strongly about outdoor learning, so below we have outlined some of the key reasons/ benefits of taking your regular classes outdoors…

The Key Benefits of Outdoor Learning:

  • Improves creative thinking.

  • Helps with subject understanding.

  • Promotes self-awareness and respect.

  • Encourages social interactions and helps build healthy relationships.

  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Exploring the Benefits of Outdoor Learning…

“Outdoor Learning can help to improve concentration and understanding…”

OFSTED wrote in their 2008 report that outdoor learning made subjects more vivid and interesting for pupils. It also stated that it enhanced the pupils’ understanding of the taught subject.Outdoor Learning | Hand Made Places

This can be down to a number of different key reasons, but most prevalent is the fact that outdoor learning settings provide an alternative environment to the regular classroom.

Some children find it difficult to learn in a classroom based environment. The structure of indoor lessons, or the confined table settings can hinder someone with a more hands on approach to learning.

By taking the classroom outside, you provide an alternative learning space for those who find it difficult to learn indoors.

Outdoor lessons tend to be more socially interactive, more relaxed and much more pupil lead. And this learning style is great for those who find indoor lessons difficult.

Not only this, due to the nature of the lesson plans – outdoor lessons are much more socially interactive. This therefore can help to promote new friendships among peers, as well as a healthy respectful relationship between teachers and pupils.

Furthermore, learning outdoors promotes a healthy relationship with their natural surroundings. As well as teaching pupils to identify potential hazards, increase self-awareness and improve health and fitness levels.

Doing our bit …

Outdoor Learning | Hand Made Places

Hand Made Places offer a range of outdoor classrooms that will enhance your outdoor area.

Outdoor classrooms provide a dedicated learning area outside, meaning that any lesson can take place away from the restraints of the indoor classroom.

Classrooms such as the Darrell Gazebo provide protection from any weather. Be it rain or shine you can still learn outdoors!

Hand Made Places design, manufacture and install a large range of timber outdoor classrooms, which encourage learning in a new and innovative way.

A Storytellers Chair and variety of play sculptures including the Cow and the Sheep, can also be used to enhance outdoor learning.

By incorporating these other pieces of outdoor play equipment into your learning area, you can help pupils to interact with the lesson which will again help them to gain a better understanding.

Not to mention they’re a lot of fun too.

Even where space is limited, playing and learning outdoors is a possibility.

At Hand Made Places we strive to make the most out of any outdoor space, no matter what the size. All of our playground equipment is designed to maximise both learning and fun.

To find out more about creating an outdoor learning space for your pupils take a look at our blogAdditionally, if you’re stuck  for lesson ideas and activity’s, we’ve got you covered just, click here

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