Safe spaces for a happy childhood
Rethinking playground design for child development
Northlands Primary School, Basildon
Playground surfacing from Hand Made Places
King’s Meadow, Wallingford
"The Best for Price and Quality"

"The Best for Price and Quality"

“Our team looked at other providers of playground equipment with their requirements before deciding that Hand Made Places was the best for price and quality. The process of designing, building and installing the new play bus took eight weeks and the team were very happy with every stage of the process. Communication and support from the company were very good throughout that entire time, as you would expect from a company of this type"

- Press Office, Beaulieu Motor Museum

"Completely Delighted with the Result"

"Completely Delighted with the Result"

"We are moving towards softening out-of-town retail parks and making them nicer areas for families to stay in and want to return to. A big part of this is the play area we’ve done with Hand Made Places who made a lot of bespoke equipment for us and we are completely delighted with the result."

- Jamie Turner, Orbital Shopping Park

"A Brilliant Job"

"A Brilliant Job"

"I asked Hand Made Places about this and they designed one to our brief and we are very pleased with it. This is typical of the support we have had from start to finish and another reason why I am happy with the company.

We did it in the summer holidays when we are still open but the team really worked with us, closing off one area at a time while they installed the pieces so the children could play in another, and it went as smoothly and easily as anyone could hope for. They did a brilliant job."

-  Emma Murray, Cuddles Day Nursery

Hand Made Places supports a summer of play
A summer of adventure with Hand Made Places
Community playgrounds for all
Hatherleigh Play Park, Okehampton