Playground furniture to enrich the learning experience

Playground furniture to enrich the learning experience
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Playground furniture to enrich the learning experience

Outdoor learning is not just the domain of forest schools – with the help of Hand Made Places all schools and early years education settings can benefit from accessing natural spaces.
The importance of engaging with hands-on learning in the open air is something that is felt ever more keenly post Covid.
And the freedom to hold classes beyond the school building can be more easily achieved with the right facilities.
Playground furniture can turn a school yard into a storyteller’s corner; an overgrown garden into a science lab or an empty courtyard into a brilliant outdoor theatre.
From the mightily impressive to the stunningly simple, we can provide playground furniture to ensure learners and teachers have meaningful access to outdoor resources.

Readjust and reconnect

Outdoor learning is vital to health and wellbeing, for little ones right through to beyond Key Stage 2 and for adults as well.
Being in a stimulating environment encourages physical movement as well as mental alertness, creating a memorable and transformative experience.
And the more comfortable learners feel in the open air, the more benefit they will gain.
As well as the subject being taught, being outdoors opens up the opportunity to learn about the environment in which the class is being held. This becomes a key part of the participation experience.
Being outdoors also helps to introduce new teaching features and methods and opens up the possibility of inviting more members of the community to contribute to sessions in a safe way.
In an outdoor classroom, learners relate to each other more easily without the usual pressures and conformities of being in a bricks and mortar classroom.
Outdoor learning covers the refinement of specific knowledge and skills as well as behaviours and attitudes. It builds confidence and resilience, and a lifelong love and respect for the outdoors.

Outdoor learning for health

Outdoor spaces have become increasingly important as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Fresh air disperses and dilutes the virus, making the risk of spreading Covid-19 much lower than when people spend time together indoors.
Our range of playground furniture includes Button Stools, Leaf Seats and Block Seats to give children their own individual places.
We have tables to match, as well as seating suitable for pods or group work such as our Wave Bench, Engraved Bench, Roofed table and Picnic tables.
We also have the Amazing Seating to accommodate a whole class, as well as the Modular Radius Seat which can be configured to whatever size or shape is required.
And the days of only scheduling outdoor lessons during the Spring or Summer are over thanks to our collection of outdoor classrooms and shelters.
The Darell Gazebo and Caversham Gazebo are among our best sellers, but we have a solution for areas big and small.
The Forest Story House is perfect for awkward corners, while the Westgate Outdoor Shelter brings cooling shade in summer as well as cover in winter.

Made to last

Hand Made Places furniture products are all built to order in our UK timber workshop.
Incorporating quality, traditional craftmanship as well as precision machining, our entire range perfectly complements any outdoor location.
We build to robust safety standards to ensure longevity and durability, and to ensure school communities achieve the best value from their investment.
Give our team a call today and discuss your playground furniture needs.

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