Rethinking playground design for child development

Rethinking playground design for child development
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Rethinking playground design for child development

Little ones have big imaginations – and we believe that’s why imaginative play is so popular in the playground.
Traditional play equipment like swings and seesaws have their place. But when it comes to real play appeal, towers and climbarounds like those available from Hand Made Places deliver the adventure.
Our play equipment is designed to be versatile, supporting different types of play.
So while youngsters are immersed in their world of let’s pretend, they are still learning and growing all the time.

Playgrounds for children

Designing a playground from an adult’s point of view is unlikely to have the wow factor.
At Hand Made Places we have decades of experience and insight into what appeals to children, making every playground we deliver an experience that kids treasure.
Installing imaginative play equipment in a play area adds diversity. Children can embark on a new journey during each and every visit, or return to the fun they enjoyed on previous occasions.
Through imaginative play, a playground becomes a community, a make-believe world where they can be anyone or explore any place in safety.
With traditional play equipment, once children have conquered the challenge the satisfaction is limited.
But with imaginative play, once one game finishes, a new story starts all over again.

Supporting child development

Whether they are a king protecting their castle, or a vet taking care of sick animals, children gain many skills through pretend play.
Imaginative play supports curiosity and exploration and helps youngsters build their understanding of their surroundings, events and relationships.
Connections are built through imaginative play, growing language and communication skills.
Problem solving and thinking skills are developed as role play takes different twists and turns.
And encouraging children to play imaginatively also supports physical development, from honing fine motor skills such as playing teacher, drawing on a chalk board to keeping kids active as they become the police officer running to someone’s rescue.

Imaginative play from Hand Made Places

Themed playgrounds are fantastic fun and can really appeal to children, yet imaginative play can also be encouraged with a few choice pieces of equipment.
Our Play Den, Teepee, or Adventure Castle instantly transports children into a fantasy place where they can use their imaginations to act out real or pretend scenarios.
Or if space is at a premium, the addition of a Play Sculpture such as a sheep or petrol pump transforms a school yard into a muddy farmyard or a bustling town.
Our imaginative play products include play units, with features that can turn children into mountain climbers or princesses looking out from their play towers.
Vehicles such as the Log Train give little ones the chance to act out being driver and passenger.
For those with the space to go big, the Nautilus, Oakwood Galleon or Playboat can be accompanied by our Shark play sculpture, the Sea Monster or Crocodile and even a Hawk’s Nest or Congo Rope Climber as children navigate quicksand or escape infested waters.
Coupled with creative surfacing there is no limit to the imaginative adventures we can create with clients at Hand Made Places.
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