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Back to School with Hand Made Places

At Hand Made Places we are busy preparing to head back to school! And we’re sure, no matter who you are, that you are getting into the school spirit too!

September can be a hectic month for everyone, especially parents, pupils and especially teachers! A new school year means more pupils, and having to think of new innovative ways to get children excited about learning.

But at Hand Made Places we’ve got you covered!  Our selection of playground equipment and outdoor classrooms are sure to make learning fun for EVERYONE!

Learning through play.

Using playground equipment to engage young minds!

Learning through play is a great way to get young children enjoying school.

When engaging in physical outdoor play children are learning skills which they can carry with them through life.

Children who learn using outdoor playground equipment may present noticeable improvements in their social and communication skills. As well as improving self-confidence and boosting overall self-esteem .

Gaining these skills at a young age allows children to explore their surroundings and engage with new environments, thus resulting in improvements to their rate of development.

Take a look at our blog here, to get some inspiration on new ways to get KS2 pupils engaged in learning through play! 

Children who learn through play are more likely to take an interest in the lessons they’re taking part in.

Certain pieces of outdoor play apparatus allow children to take part in lessons such as maths and science whilst having fun.

Take a look at our blog here, to find out ways in which you can incorporate more fun maths games into pupils playgrounds.

Finger mazes are a great example of this. Finger Mazes such as the Woodland Finger Maze combine maths and science skills with sensory development to give children an all-round fun learning experience.

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Our Sensory and Inclusive play range includes a broad spectrum of play equipment which is known to provide a fun new way for children to learn. Included in this range is our  Instruments and Stages which allow children to express their creative skills. As an alternative to the above, creative play and learning can help to improve musical, arts and literacy skills.

Our instruments range such as the various drums and Sound Centre provide children with a way of expressing themselves through an alternative medium. In addition to the instruments, stages can be used as a designated performance space which can be used for playing the aforementioned instruments, or for a more literary purpose.

Stages can be host to a story circle or Storytellers Chair, which is great for encouraging reading a brilliant skill for all children to develop.

Take a look at our blog here, for some ideas on which books you can read in your story circle! 

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Not usually seen as “play apperatus”- Hand Made Places also manufacture a vast range of chalk and dry wipe boards.

These boards can be used by children as an outlet for their artistic streak. Having such a large canvas for their art is can help pupils to express themselves whilst also being free to explore new mediums.

For some information on art days which pupils can get involved in, take a look at our blog here

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Outdoor Classrooms.

Outdoor classrooms are a great idea this year!

Taking learning outside is extremely beneficial and though, as previously discussed, children can learn through outdoor play, this is sometimes not enough.

In order to ensure that pupils can get the most out of their outdoor experience it is essential that you use a specialist outdoor classroom.

Outdoor classrooms provide a specialised learning area for pupils.

This helps children to recognise a distinct difference between play times and lesson times, without being restricted to indoor classroom areas.

Our outdoor classrooms come in a variety of designs and themes.

The traditional Darell Gazebo makes a great outdoor classroom. This sturdy timber structure shelters from any weather condition including both rain and shine. This outdoor classroom is big enough to house an entire class! It can also be used for socialising or outdoor dining. This  re-purposes this space outside of classroom hours. Making it a great asset to your school.

Another one of our personal favourites is the Longboat Outdoor Classroom as it provides a fun learning space for pupils.

The Viking theme allows for both fun and effective learning and teaching. Teachers can plan history or geography lessons on this boat, and children can engage in role play too. This will enhance the learning experience and children will find lessons easier to understand!

BACK TO SCHOOL| Hand Made Places | Outdoor Learning

Getting children interested in learning is easy with Hand Made Places’ vast range of outdoor play and learning equipment.

For more information on how to optimise your outdoor space for learning, take a look at our blog here

All of the equipment is made with children’s development in mind. We ensure that even the physical play range aids in multiple areas of child development.  Not only does it aid in muscle and bone development, it also improves social and communication skills too.

For more information any any of the equipment featured in this blog, contact one of our trained sales advisers. 

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