Learning through Play: Six Outdoor Play Activities for Rainy Days...

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Learning through Play: Six Outdoor Play Activities for Rainy Days...

Outdoor play is an essential part of childhood development. Therefore it is paramount that children get to experience this no matter what the weather.

Rainy playgrounds can be a fun and exciting place for children of all ages. That is why we have come up with a list of six different ways in which you can utilise your outdoor play equipment, even when the sun isn’t shining!

But first STOP and think about safety…

Before you go outdoors in the rain it’s a good idea to ensure you have a few “Rainy Day Essentials”

  • Warm Coat (For keeping you cosy on cold days)
  • Welly Boots (For splashing in puddles)
  • Hood/Rain Hat/Umbrella/Umbrella Hat (For keeping your head warm and dry)
  • Wooley Hat, Gloves, Scarf & fluffy socks too (For keeping your fingers, nose and toes toasty warm)
  • Hi-vis Jacket (For making sure you’re visible to your caregiver at all times)
  • Sensible Attitude (For making sure play is safe and enjoyable for everyone)

Make Mud Pies:

Mud Pies are the perfect rainy day activity.

Children can get outdoors and explore their surroundings whilst finding their individual ingredients to make this “delicious” mud pie.

You can combine a great family favourite the “scavenger hunt with this timeless classic the mud pie to create an activity that not only children will enjoy, but the caregivers organising the task will undoubtedly love getting involved in too!

Rainy days are great for this activity.

The ground will be soft enough, meaning that you can easily collect the mud without the use of sharp tools. In addition to this, sustainable practices such as collecting your own rain water to use as a mixing agent are a great way to open up conversations about recycling, and sustainability.

Furthermore, the nature of the activity means that there are links to core subjects within the school curriculum too.

Children who participate in making mud pies will be required to weigh and measure ingredients as well as sticking to a recipe. Thus incorporating both Maths and English.

Task: Why not get the ball rolling in the classroom first and ask pupils to create their very own recipe for the perfect mud pie. Pupils can figure out measurements, as well as follow the literary guidelines for creating an instruction sheet/recipe.

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Make Rain Art:

Children love making outdoor art, and during the summer time back gardens and school playgrounds provide the perfect canvas for children to create large chalk drawings.

That being said, this isn’t the only time in which children can create interesting pieces of artwork using outdoor mediums.

Rainy days provide a new way of creating art which is beautiful and can be used to create winter or autumnal displays in school classrooms, halls or corridors.

How do you create these rainy day masterpieces… follow the instructions below:

You will need:

  • Watercolour Paint
  • Canvas, Watercolour Paper or Tough card.
  • A wonderful imagination…

Step one:

Allow children to paint or draw their design onto one of the above-mentioned materials.

Step two:

Leave your paper outside in the rain.

Step three:

Watch your beautiful drawing turn into to a fantastic work of art… it really is as easy as that.

You can create these drawings in an outdoor classroom space, they can even take some inspiration for their drawings from their natural surroundings.

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Paint with Mud:

Another artistic twist on a rainy day outdoor activity is “mud painting.”

Mud is a naturally occurring material which can be used to make marks on paper, children will enjoy collecting the mud, mixing it with the rain water and using it as a natural paint to draw on their large sheets of paper.

Task: Collect some mud, rain water and some leaves and paint an image of a tree. The use of natural materials will add an element of realism to this beautiful work of art. Not only this, using sustainable non-toxic materials to craft will give pupils a brilliant insight into environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, as well as teaching pupils about the use of natural resources as opposed to synthetic or man-made materials.

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Make Rain Music:

Rain makes such a beautiful sound on its own, but we can make it sound even better with a little extra help from outdoor musical instruments.

At Hand Made Places we sell a variety of outdoor musical instruments which are perfect for making beautiful rain music.

Musical Panda | Hand Made Places

When the raindrops begin hitting the Congas or the Panda Drums you will hear some interesting naturally occurring tunes.

Task: Why not record these sounds using technology and have pupils write lyrics as well as utilising other instruments to make their very own “rain song.”

Top tips: If you don’t have any of Hand Made Places Congas yet, you can replicate a similar effect using pots and pans which you can find lying around the kitchen at home! But more sure you ask your caregivers permission before taking these items out into the rain!

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Jumping in Puddles:

Children love jumping in puddles, putting their wellies on and splashing up and down the playground. It is so much fun seeing the water splash up, and down.

Not only is this lots of fun for children, but it is also a form of imaginative and active play, both of which are paramount to childhood development.

Children who enjoy this activity will be exercising their muscles, improving flexibility and increasing their daily amount of activity and cardiovascular endurance.

Activity: You can create a STEM activity which involves children jumping in puddles. Have one child jump in a puddle and a second should stand close by with a meter rule – the second child should measure how high the first child managed to get the water. The children can then switch places. You can then plot all of the measurements on a class graph and the two children who got the water the highest can receive a small prize.

Disclaimer: Please note that some puddles can be deeper than they initially appear. Before allowing children to splash in puddles a responsible adult should test the depth of the puddle. Children should also be advised to bring spare clothes or waterproofs for any activity involving water or rain.

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Go on a Minibeast Hunt:

Minibeasts such as slugs and snails love the wet weather and often come out of hiding just to be out in the rain.

This makes it the perfect time to go on a Minibeast hunt! Pupils can search through their play areas, around the trees inside plant pots and anywhere else these little critters might be hiding.

Encouraging pupils to search for minibeasts will help to instil a sense of inquisitiveness, and an appreciation for their environmental surroundings.

In addition to this children can learn all about natural habitats, as well as natural ecosystems, food chains and life-cycles of different creatures.

Task: Allow children to go on a scavenger hunt for different animals/ creatures/ minibeasts which love the rain. This can include slugs, snails, worms, frogs… anything that you can think of which love coming out in the rain! But make sure that pupils LOOK, BUT DON’T TOUCH, and always ensure that they wash their hands before they re-enter the classroom. 

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**PLEASE NOTE: Children should always be supervised when participating in any activity which involves water**

Children will love getting outdoors and splashing around in their welly boots!

For more information on any of the products, or to find out how you can get your own playground, contact our sales team today….

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