Abbey Primary School, Mansfield.

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Abbey Primary School, Mansfield.

Abbey Primary School in Mansfield required two separate areas of playground equipment for different age groups, and therefore different abilities of pupils.

The school decided to use Hand Made Places for both areas so that the school’s equipment showed cohesion.

The areas, though somewhat different, did have similarities, meaning that as children move up the school there will be a consistency to their play apparatus.

Both areas had trim trails installed, however Hand Made Places worked with the school to ensure that the different trim trails suited the age group and ability of those pupils that it was targeted towards.

KS1 Playground Equipment.

The key stage one equipment which was installed included a trim trail which was both challenging and exciting for pupils aged 5-7.

This play area included colourful apparatus such as the ‘Spinning Mushrooms’ which were used as an interesting focal point amongst the timber trim trail.

The remainder of the trim trail focused on providing a physical play opportunity for the younger pupils.

Challenges such as the Tunnel Climber or Duck ‘n’ Weave allow pupils to improve their balance, and co-ordination. Whilst pieces such as the Traverse WallNet Tunnel and Scissor Bridge help to improve muscle flexibility and bone strength.

On top of these select pieces, Hand Made Places also installed the:

Having all of these great pieces of equipment as part of a play area, will help pupils with their physical development.

On top of physical equipment, the KS1 area also had three Games Tables installed.

These included exciting and educational games such as:

  • Noughts and Crosses
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Solar System

Helping to also improve social interaction as well as science and literacy skills.

KS2 Playground Equipment.

The equipment installed in the key stage two playground area is similar to that installed in the key stage one playground.

However, due to this equipment being used by older children, ages 7-11, it needed to be more physically challenging as well as having more of an excitement factor too.

Therefore bearing this in mind, Hand Made Places put together a trim trail that would challenge young minds, yet also enable vast physical development.

Equipment such as the Overhead Ladder or Vertical Scramble Net provide fun, excitement and an opportunity to aid in physical development by improving both bone strength and muscle flexibility.

Furthermore, the challenging balance equipment such as the Wobble Board and Rota Log will go toward helping to improve both balance and co-ordination, yet another highly important skill set.

In addition to these select pieces of equipment, Hand Made Places also installed the following as part of the trim trail:

As well as the trim trail equipment, Hand Made Places also installed the ever popular and immensely fun Amazon Rope Climber.

This great piece of equipment provides hours of fun and physical activity for pupils.

Both the KS1 and KS2 area had artificial grass with a shock pad under surface for the higher units. The grass looked at home with the natural looking timber units, and did not detract from the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

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