Hareclive E−ACT Academy

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Hareclive E−ACT Academy

 Bristol school, Hareclive E-ACT Academy, wanted to improve their provision of outdoor learning and play facilities, but they had a problem.

With space at a premium and an awkward embankment on the grounds, the school turned to experts for help.

Fortunately, when staff at Hareclive approached the team at Hand Made Places, help is exactly what they found! Our outdoor play specialists were able to suggest ways that this specific space could be improved to allow children to get the most out of their playground. It was our commitment to play value and willingness to tailor our approach which secured a winning partnership for this project.

Boosting Play to Meet Potential

The mission statement at Hareclive is A Place To Grow, a phrase which puts fulfilment of potential at the academy’s core. So too at Hand Made Places; we offer solutions which will bring a space to life, presenting learning and developmental opportunities to children who use it.


In order to make the space more workable, we built a sturdy platform onto the slope. Both the platform itself and its attractive picket fencing were constructed from our favourite sustainable timber. It now acts as an extension of the pre-existing playground, replacing what was previously just a steep tumble down to the classrooms.

Hareclive E-ACT Academy chose to use their new play space for seating, storytelling and imaginative play. They therefore selected a timber playhouse from the Hand Made Places range to sit atop artificial grass along with our hugely popular Storyteller’s Chair and a set of wooden block seats.

Something for Everyone

Thanks to playground equipment making efficient use of space, this school yard suits various other types of play.


The first thing you’ll notice just around the corner from the new platform is one of our wooden climbing frames sitting proudly atop a green wet pour safety surface.

However, a quick peek into the playground’s corners will also reveal a wonderful collection of outdoor sensory play equipment including:

The final elements of Hareclive’s play area make sure children have a creative outlet. With an outdoor stage in bespoke dimensions and wall-mounted blackboards and whiteboards, pupils can perform, draw, write, role-play… All this choice, and still plenty of space to run about!

Getting in Touch

We were delighted to work with Hareclive E-ACT… and it all started with an idea and a question! So why not get in touch? Click the “Get a Quote Button” to find out how you could develop a playground which truly meets its potential.

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