Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

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Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

As a division of Broxap Ltd., Hand Made Places frequently plays a part in some particularly large projects. One such project saw us contribute to external additions at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in the south-west of Glasgow.

It’s vital for any hospital to have a relaxed area dedicated to children…

Within this context, a play area will always become a resource for social and emotional wellbeing. However, the QUEH went one step further.

Hand Made Places manufactured and installed a set of products, each holding a different purpose; this included wooden playground furniture, physical and imaginative play units, and traditional play equipment with accessibility adjustments. Such variety is particularly important as it allows us to fulfil our aim of aiding both physical and cognitive development.

The centrepiece of this hospital playground is a large-scale unit, the “Shipwrecked” play boat. Here, children can develop major and fine motor skills whilst practising visual investigation and creativity. It’s all about encouraging growth whilst offering something of an escape; as with all imaginative play, it is as beneficial as it is fun.

Surrounding the boat are delightful springies and various pieces of “Trim Trail” equipment; for example, Stepping StonesChin Ups and a Crawl Net. Finally, a Nest Swing, a See-Saw and an Inclusive Roundabout bring a traditional element to the playground; after all, it’s often hard to beat the classics!

The whole area is brought to life by the addition of safety surfacing. The colourful sections elevate the imaginative aspect of the equipment creating a sense of sea and land.

As well as catering to visitors to the main site, the hospital playground also benefits patients of the adjoining Royal Hospital for Children. See the case study on Broxap.com to view details and images of the whole project.

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