St Paul's Way Trust School, London.

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St Paul's Way Trust School, London.

Hand Made Places, along with our parent company, Broxap Ltd supplied a range of playground equipment, shelters, cycle parking and canopies for a large scale project at St Paul’s Way Trust School in London.

The aims of the playground apparatus was to provide children with the opportunity for development outside of the traditional classroom.  We feel that their choices of equipment reflected these clear aims, and saw a vast range of different pieces installed across the whole of the school.

Each of the varied equipment pieces fall into a subsequent area of play, and as such aid in different developmental areas.

These areas of play include:

  • Imaginative Play
  • Physical Play
  • Sensory Play
  • Learning through Play
  • Social Play

Take a look below for a breakdown of each individual piece, and information on how it aids in childhood development.

Imaginative Play Equipment:

Imaginative play, or “Role Play” is an essential part of play in primary school aged children. Imaginative play allows pupils to act out real life scenarios helping to instil an understanding of the existing world around them.

Children who are frequently involved in this type of play may quickly develop a respect for their environment.

To encourage this type of play, St Paul’s Trust Way School had the following equipment:

Not only do the animal play sculptures provide food for thought for pupils exploring the Minibeasts which they may find in their brand new Minibeast HQ – but they also provide teaching opportunities using the interactive animal sculptures. Great for both natural science lessons (biology) and English too!

Making them the perfect primary school play pieces.

In addition to this, the Mud Kitchen can provide pupils with a safe space to practice their cookery skills. As well as helping provide an interactive weighing, and measuring maths lesson too!

Physical Play Equipment:

At Hand Made Places we are always encouraging both parents and teachers to ensure that children are achieving their daily recommended hour of exercise.

With physical play equipment, this couldn’t be easier. Trim trails and Play Units provide pupils with a fun way of improving muscle flexibility and bone strength, whilst also encouraging cardiovascular activity.

As such St Paul’s Way Trust School required the following:

Trim Trail Equipment:
Play Units/ Activity Centres:
  • Manor Activity Centre

Each of the above pieces of equipment will provide children with the perfect balance of both enjoyment and exercise.

By introducing physical activity into a child’s everyday life through play can help to encourage exercise without them even realising.

Helping to tackle the ongoing obesity crisis just one step at a time.

Sensory  Play Equipment:

Children’s mental development process is aided by the introduction of sensory play, and as such sensory totems, were provided amongst others and placed  in a “Totem Forest

The Totem Forest allows pupils to explore their senses whilst also encouraging a physical element of play too.

This area can also encourage children to use their imagination, the individual structures and combined placement creates a wooded forest area in even the most urban spaces!

Making it a great addition to this London schools playground.

Learning Through Play:

Hand Made Places are advocates for learning through play, as we feel that pupils find it easier to learn when they are finding enjoyment in the lesson.

Hence when we were asked to supply the below Sand and Water Play equipment, we were more than happy to oblige.

The Sand and Water play equipment is as follows:

Water and Sand Play is great for EYFS students, as well as those in KS1 and KS2.

These types of equipment can be used for learning through play through primary school as children can learn about different phenomenon.

Sand Pits and Water trays provide the perfect foundations to teach children all about motion, and on top of this they also provide hours of enjoyment too!

Social Play

Here at Hand Made Places we provide sociable playground seating opportunities which provide fun spaces for pupils to interact with each other, and at St Paul’s Way Trust School, they have had a multitude of different seating facilities installed to promote social development and encourage conversations between peers.

Amongst the seating facilities was the Oak Leaf Table and the following leaf seats:

This is the perfect table as it not only encourages social interaction, but it is also great for crafting and a great teaching point, focusing on the natural surroundings which it encompasses within the design.

In addition to this, Hand Made Places also supplied the Modular Radius Seating which is beautifully placed surrounding trees. This gives pupils a relaxing area to sit and unwind between lessons.

Furthermore, T-Frame Picnic Benches were placed to provide an outdoor dining option for pupils too.

Hand Made Places provided a beautiful array of  playground equipment for pupils attending St Paul’s Way Trust School.

The overall playground encourages development through the exploration of different apparatus and the world around them.

This is no truer than when it comes to our final playground equipment piece; and we really do feel that we have saved the best till last.

Hand Made Places’ 4.2 metre Crawl Tunnel sits under a ‘mound’ of artificial grass, allowing pupils to crawl “through the ground”. This fun physical play activity will allow children to explore new realms of play!

For more information about this project, or for how you can create your very own fully equipped outdoor play area, contact one of our sales advisers today.

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