Case Study: Darell Primary School, Richmond

Darell Primary School, Richmond

Darell Primary School in Richmond, Surrey have a long standing relationship with Hand Made Places. It is the home of our original, and now best selling Darell Gazebo. Installed back in 2001 when we were in our infancy this beautiful gazebo has served hundreds of foundation stage children over the years providing them with a large dry outdoor space for play and learning. As you will see from these recent photographs the well loved structure is still looking very impressive and it’s also just undergone a move from one side of the playground to another!

The impressive school building was built in 1904 and is the only school in Richmond still in its original state. There is no grass within the school grounds and the site is overlooked on all sides by local residents, therefore an important consideration for the school when choosing a supplier was that the products had a natural appearance which would soften the area and also compliment the historic building.

Our projects with the school have incorporated various aspects of playground equipment including; a small sensory area with raised beds, imaginative play space featuring bridges, stages and play houses, a multi use games area, a challenging adventure trail for Key Stage 2 children and of course the original Darell Gazebo!