Case Study: Fittleworth Recreation Ground, West Sussex.

Fittleworth Recreation Ground, West Sussex.

Hand Made Places have recently completed a large project which involved the installation of a vast range of products at Fittleworth Recreation Ground in West Sussex.

The brand new area is being created with the intentions to provide the village with a:

“Community hub, meeting place and safe space to play.”

The area itself had a multitude of equipment installed. The installed equipment followed a very natural theme and echoed that of a small farm. The area included play sculptures such as the Horse and Cart, Pig on a Gate, Hog, Tractor and Trailer and many more…

This is a great theme for this area of green space as it is adjacent to a brand new shopping facility – having this ‘farm fresh feel’ to the play area will enhance that exact message to customers who are shopping at this new establishment.

Amongst these fun ‘farm-like’ elements also lie some woodland type pieces, these have been used to further promote the natural beauty of the area. These include the Oak Leaf Table and matching leaf seats, as well as the Woodland and Treespotter Finger Mazes.

Amongst the fun and exciting play area you will also find some educational elements too! Coloured panels have been installed to add just that extra element to promote learning amongst the local children, and the best part is its disguised amongst the fun! These Educational Panels include the Weather, Date & Time, and many more.

This means that children can not only enjoy the joys of playing at this brand new play space, but they can also enhance their learning too!

Something which here at Hand Made Places, we are very passionate about.

On top of all of this we also installed many ‘physical play‘ elements too.

Encouraging children to engage in physical play such as Trim Trials, you can help them to gain their daily amount of recommended exercise.

The trim trail installed includes the:

These elements all offer a range of different activities which will improve muscle flexibility, bone strength, and also improve overall heart and lung health.

As well as encouraging fun too! Great!

As well as encouraging physical play through the use of a trim trail, we have also installed not one, but two different play units! The Kempston Climbaround and Shireland Activity Centre are great for encouraging physical play amongst children. Children will have to climb, slide and swing their way through these fabulous pieces of playground equipment.

On top of all of this we also installed traditional playground equipment too including swings as well as traditional ball walls and table tennis table!

This fabulous play area is great for children, and will go a long way in creating the bustling community hub that is being proposed!

Seen something that you like? Why not contact us today and we can help you create a playground similar to this one.