Case Study: Herne Junior School

Herne Junior School

Hand Made Places installed a selection of outdoor gym equipment at Herne Junior School in Petersfield, Hampshire. Herne Junior School focus’ on keeping their pupils fit and healthy and having an outdoor gym installed was the next step to ensuring their pupils live an active healthy lifestyle.

Hand Made Places installed a variety of ‘double’ pieces of outdoor gym equipment. These include, Children’s Double Sit up Bench, and the Children’s Double Health Walker. These pieces of equipment allow more than one person to use at a time. This then not only encourages physical activity within younger users, it also promotes social interaction. By using these pieces of equipment as a pair it can ensure that pupils enjoy themselves when exercising making them more likely to carry on with this active lifestyle after they have left school.

Other pieces of outdoor gym equipment that were installed include, the Children’s Horse Rider, Children’s Sky Stepper, Children’s Single Rower, and the Children’s Arm and Pedal Bike. This gym equipment can be used by children of any ability and can be used at their own pace so that they do not become discouraged. This outdoor gym equipment is fun for children and can be used during playtimes. It is also a great workout and can be used during PE lessons.

Hand Made Places also installed Bound Rubber Mulch safety surfacing, which provides impact absorbency for the outdoor gym equipment.