Case Study: Holybourne Park

Holybourne Park

Hand Made Places installed a bespoke Beddington Climbaround at Holybourne Park in Alton, Hampshire. This single piece of play equipment is host to a multitude of fun activities for children of all ages.

The Beddington Play Unit includes: three platforms, Pull up Ramp, Wobble Bridge, Fireman’s Pole, Ladder Walls, two Scramble Nets, Traverse Walls, Trapeze Rings, Rope Ladder, V Bridge and a stainless steel slide. This large climbaround provides hours of fun and entertainment and is a great addition to Holybourne Park. The Trapeze Rings and Pull up Ramp provide a physical challenge for children thus increasing their muscle tone and strengthens their bones. The Wobble Bridge poses a different type of challenge and therefore works on different aspects of fitness. This piece of apparatus improves balance and coordination skills, these skills are transferrable into other aspects of life.

The unit offers an extensive full body workout for any child who uses it and will help to improve fitness through physical active play.