Case Study: Kingsgate Primary School, London.

Kingsgate Primary School, London.

Hand Made Places have recently completed a project at Kingsgate Primary School in London.

The project consisted of installing a number of different playground equipment pieces as well as working with partners Broxap, to also provide fencing and cycle shelters.

The newly installed play area included the Chichester Activity Centre.

This piece of apparatus includes the following elements:

  • Three Towers
  • Vertical Scramble Net
  • Wobble Bridge
  • Slide
  • Fireman’s Pole
  • Pull up ramp

This piece of playground equipment is great for encouraging physical activity. Something which is essential amongst younger children.

Find out more about ways in which you can encourage children to get involved in physical play by reading our blog.

As well as this play unit Hand Made Places also installed the Stepping Stones, Duck ‘n’ Weave, Balance Beams and Herons Nest, which are all part of our physical play range.

Each piece is designed to provide a different element of physical play and exercise different areas and skills. The above pieces focus mainly on balance, but engaging in play on these specific pieces of equipment can also help to improve co-ordination, muscle flexibility and bone strength too.

On top of the play apparatus Hand Made Places also installed a range of different Button Stools, these provide a space for children to sit and engage in conversation with their peers.

This will also help to improve both communication and social skills.

On top of the play equipment, Hand Made Places’ partner Broxap also designed, manufactured and installed the ‘Wardale®’ and ‘Sheffield’ cycle shelters.

These shelters will encourage both pupils and staff to get involved in cycling to work, or school. Again going towards improving their physical health.

Following on from this, Kingsgate Primary School were so impressed with their KS1 equipment that they decided to come back to us for their older pupils too.

In addition to the equipment listed above, Kingsgate had the Nautilus Play Boat installed. The play boat features many different physically challenging elements which will help to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Traverse Walls, Tunnels, Rope Climber, Scramble Net and Clatter Bridge, all work in harmony to enable children to build bone strength whilst also providing exercises which can improve muscle flexibility.

Additionally, the Caldicott Climbaround was installed to add yet another element of physical play.

Finally, Hand Made Places installed the ever-popular Hawks Nest.

As well as providing physical play, these fantastic timber structures also provide hours of fun and excitement.

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