Case Study: Maple Court Academy – Early Years Play Area

Maple Court Academy – Early Years Play Area

Maple Court Academy in Stoke-on-Trent has recently had a new early years play area created for their pupils. The three areas they focused on when planning their new play area were physical play, imaginative play and outdoor learning.

We installed a variety of physical play products at Maple Court Academy including a Mini Ashbury, Wave Bridge, Balance Beam and Balance Weaver. At Hand Made Places we understand how vital physical play is, so we created a playground that will be both healthy and fun for the pupils.

Alongside physical play, we also feel that children’s imaginations are important so we installed a large range of imaginative play products. These included an ocean water play, holey pole, turtle drum, star stage, boat sandpit and vanilla playhouse to name just a few.

The design of the area and the products used encourages social interaction between the children. Whether playhouses or performance areas this encourages the children to express themselves through the play. The physical play elements along with the surfacing design support independent and cooperative learning, through sharing and trying new experiences.