Case Study: Merchant Taylor’s Prep School

Merchant Taylor’s Prep School

Merchant Taylors Prep School, in Northwood, required a selection of bespoke outdoor play equipment to enhance their outdoor play area. A selection of bespoke play units, canopies and shelters were used to create a fun and safe environment for pupils to play on during their lunch and break times.

Hand Made Places installed a bespoke Woodland Escape Activity Centre. This play unit was complete with hidden doorways and tunnels, Wobble Bridge, Scramble Net and enclosed platforms. The many aspects to this play unit encourage physical activity, with elements such as the Scramble Net also helping to improve skills like balance and coordination. The finished product is embellished with flags which aids in imaginative play.

A bespoke Tricycle Shelter was also installed. The shelter can act as a garage for the pupils tricycles, and with the installation of the Petrol Pump, Hand Made Places have created a way for pupils to engage in role play. This make-believe roadway is a great way for pupils to learn about road safety.

Hand Made Places installed a bespoke Embankment Slide. This piece of outdoor play equipment was made to fit onto a small embankment and had a pull up ramp and platform added to increase pupils’ enjoyment and safety. The Embankment Slide is a great product that makes use of space, previously thought to be unusable. Hand Made Places also installed some Sleeper Steps on the embankment to ensure safe and easy access to the outdoor play area.

The Light House play unit was also installed at Merchant Taylors Prep School. This small play unit encourages physical activity, as well as enabling pupils to engage in a role play scenario. Along with the Woodland Escape Activity centre these play units create a themed area in which pupils can use to re-enact their favourite stories.

Hand Made Places also installed a selection of angled poles. This versatile piece of outdoor play equipment can be used as an imaginary forest or even, with the use of sheets, can be used to make a den. Creating with these poles encourages pupils to engage in teamwork, thus improving their communication and social skills.

Two bespoke Sail Canopies were also installed. These canopies create an area of shade for pupils so that they can protect themselves from any weather condition, ensuring safety whilst they play.