Case Study: Rosudgeon Village Play Area – St Hilarys Parish Council, Cornwall

Rosudgeon Village Play Area – St Hilarys Parish Council, Cornwall

Rosudgeon Play area followed the traditional layout of a climbing frame with a slide and a set of swings. A banked area that was overgrown was out of commission to the children and the aim was simply to transform a tired area into one that offered imaginative and creative play.

A castle theme was adopted complete with a Keep and ramparts. The bank allowed for a heightened position of the castle to add value to the role play by providing a look out and a position of strength against would be assailants. The ramparts added space to the elevated structure allowing users to run depending on whether they were fleeing the Keep or launching an attack. The ramparts led to a clatter bridge that replicated the drawbridge adding further sensation to the play experience.

To fully maximise the bank a slide was introduced and a meandering footpath cut into the slope to ensure a safe entry and exit for users all of all ages. Upright retaining poles ensured the castle structure was maintained.

Tonnes of sand were imported into the area. It was felt that a link with local resources could be realised by using the sand, and it would serve as a budgetary measure also. Children from the nearby beaches would be the main beneficiaries of the area, they would often play there barefooted. Both ourselves and the client believed that the juxtaposition of moving from sand to timber would provide an alternative tactile experience to that found in most play areas.