Case Study: South Farnborough Infant School, Farnborough

South Farnborough Infant School, Farnborough

For us, working at South Farnborough Infant School is like visiting old friends! We have been lucky enough to work with them on an outdoor project almost every year for as long as we can remember!

Unlike some other schools in the area South Farnborough don’t have huge grounds with a big grass field but they really know how to make the best of the space they have. Visionary Head Teacher Helen Fletcher-Davies contacted us in spring 2013 and wanted to discuss ideas for developing a raised grassy space at the edge of the playground that was currently a little underutilized.

The idea was to turn the space into an imaginative playground/physical play area, we showed Helen and her team our wonderful Mount Ridge – the idea was very well received. Following a consultation with the staff they requested some modifications with the addition of a slide, steps and mirror panel. The result is what the children have named ‘The Elephant’ (you can see why from the photos!), in its elevated position on the playground with ramps and steps to access and outdoor carpet surfacing it’s become an instant hit!

Pupils Arilyn and Toby said: “We are very lucky to have a slide and a tunnel all in the same apparatus. I love it when it is our class’s turn. It is the only slide we have in school and it’s really cool coming down an elephant’s trunk and pretending you’re in the jungle”.

“The children and the parents are very appreciative that we have so much high quality equipment in our grounds and that it provides the children with such variety for their play.”  Helen Fletcher-Davies Head Teacher