Case Study: St Johns C of E Primary School

St Johns C of E Primary School

St Johns C of E Primary School in Basingstoke, Hampshire required a series of different pieces of playground equipment in order to enhance their outdoor area. The various pieces of equipment all work together as part of a trim trail that promotes physical activity and fitness amongst children. The school had support from a great community that came along to vote for them to secure a grant that was being offered by their local council.

The school wanted an area that would aid in development whilst providing physical challenges. They wanted a trim trail that would improve, health, problem solving skills, observation and risk assessment and also team work. Hand Made Places provided equipment that did just that.

Equipment included products that would improve bone strength and muscle tone as well as balance and motor skills. Trapeze Rings and a Double Traverse Wall were installed in order to allow children to strengthen bones and muscles in their upper body. Pieces of equipment such as the ones mentioned above not only provide children with health and fitness benefits, they are also a lot of fun.

The Balance Beam, Rota Log, Duck ‘n’ Weave, Wobble Board and The Reach all provide fun for children whilst helping them to develop their coordination and balance skills. Some of these pieces also require team work as pupils might fall off if they do not work together. By working as a team to ensure that each child gets to the other side without falling, children can also improve their communication and leadership skills.

Other pieces of equipment that were installed include the, Swing Steps, Web Climber, Scissor Bridge, Humpback Steps, Canyon Bridge, Up ‘n’ Over, Stilts and Stepping Stones. All of these pieces of equipment together make up a trim trail that provides the physical challenge that the school was looking for, whilst also aiding in both emotional and physical development.

Hand Made Places also installed a Bound Rubber Mulch playground surface to provide impact absorbency underneath the trim trail.