Case Study: St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School

Hand Made Places installed a large range of playground equipment at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Hinckley. Outdoor play equipment was installed to enhance a large outdoor area to encourage active play, and give pupils a specific area which they can use for outdoor learning.

Hand Made Places have created a separate area in which pupils can enjoy quiet time. The area is marked with a Star Stage Archway, which then leads to a garden themed area complete with the Butterfly and Dragonfly play sculptures. This quieter area also has a Willingdon Gazebo which is ideal for outdoor learning. The gazebo can hold a small class or reading group, allowing children to learn in a quiet peaceful outdoor area. Partnered with the Chalkboard and Tracing board, this area makes for a perfect outdoor classroom. The garden themed area is enhanced using artificial grass and bespoke floral shaped wet pour.

A trim trail was also installed which included a, Wobble Bridge, Trapeze Rings, The Reach, Swing Steps, and Stepping Stones. Trim trails are great for promoting physical activity and are known to help with development in young children. Apparatus such as the Trapeze Rings and Wobble Bridge help to build skills including coordination and balance, these skills can be transferred into adult life. Play equipment such as the trim trail also helps to improve strength in both the bones and muscles.

Hand Made Places installed a variety of musical play equipment. Installation of the musical equipment encourages pupils’ creativity helping them to build skills in communication and also promoting a positive state of mind. The bespoke set of three Congas, were installed in vibrant colours which makes them appealing to younger children.  A Glockenspiel was also installed, both of these pieces of outdoor musical equipment aid in self-expression and improve self-esteem.

Activity panels were also installed. These complement any play area by encouraging pupils to engage in active play whilst also promoting social interaction. The bespoke Giant Four in a Row activity panel aids social interaction by encouraging children to engage in healthy competition. Two players, or two teams play can against each other.  By having children work as a team to win a game, pupils can adapt their teamwork and leadership skills. The Hide and Seek is another way to encourage pupils to engage in social interaction whilst also helping to improve their numeracy skills.

Hand Made Places also provided playground markings to an already existing play area. The markings included the, activity trail, 1-100 number grid, road markings including one way arrows and a netball court. These playground markings help to encourage active outdoor play as well as encouraging children to independently work on their literacy and numeracy skills.

Green wet pour surfacing was also installed underneath the trim trail. The choice of colour simulates natural grass, yet guarantees great impact absorbency.