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Does the timber crack and is it likely to splinter

Timber is a natural product, and as such is likely to crack from time to time. This does not affect the structural stability of the product. Cracks can be larger in the summer months when the timber is dry, however we advise you against filling it, as over the winter months, it will swell and the cracks close up. Splinters can appear from time to time. These should just be removed and a light sanding applied to the area.

As the product is made of timber is it likely to be able to withstand vandalism and grafitti?

Grafitti can easily be sanded off without affecting the product. In our opinion this is preferable to grafitti on metal structures as they can go rusty after sanding. Fire damage is an issue with all vulnerable equipment, however in our experience, the occasional attack results only in a component needing to be replaced rather than the whole thing.

Can I have the timber stained to another colour?

Yes any of the proprietary stains are suitable, we prefer the natural look, as you do have to spend more time re-painting. If you would like any of your equipment coloured, please ask us to quote.

What sort of guarantee do you provide?

Our timber has a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay. Any faulty timber will be replaced on an ex works basis, see our terms and conditions for further information.

What if I need repairs or replacement parts for the equipment in the future?

Replacement parts are always available from Hand Made Places. We also offer a full inspection, maintenance and repair package. Please contact us for details

Can the PTA or a small working party install the equipment themselves?

All of our equipment can be installed by willing volunteers, although of course a degree of practical ability is required. If you are installing in a public space please ensure that you have the appropriate liability insurance. We can also provide a “Site Supervisor” to oversee and direct your installation. This service is however chargeable.

What about safety surfacing?

We actually refer to it as “Safer surfacing”. There are many kinds on the market, most of which we either fit ourselves or occasionally sub contract in. All play equipment should have some impact attenuating material beneath it. The kind and the cost depends upon your particular circumstances. We do not have a particular axe to grind with regards to surfacing, and will try and advise you of the most appropriate for your circumstances.

I love it but I can’t afford it!

Too often heard! We do have a degree of experience in assisting with grant applications, and from time to time know where the “odd” pot of funding can be found. We also very often create 3 to 5 year development plans to enable a phased project. This is a particularly effective method of envisioning others and getting them on board. We also have contacts with one or two leasing companies who will accept our equipment into a finance package.

I love the look of the timber but am concerned that it is environmentally unfriendly to use timber nowadays

All of our timber is ‘FSC® certified and sourced from sustainable woodlands. When the equipment eventually comes to the end of its working life, it can be chipped and used as a mulch rather than going to a landfill site.

I love the look of the equipment but cannot find exactly what I am looking for?

If you have an idea that is not illustrated please contact us. Our passion is new ideas, particularly developed by children. Inevitably bespoke work costs a little more, but we are sure that working together we can create your outdoor dreams.