The Process

Fancy purchasing some Hand Made Places playground equipment? We have a simple process to take you from planning to playing in four easy steps.

How It Works:


Consultation - Hand Made Places

Step 1: Consultation

A strong consultation service helps us to make every step of the process run smoothly.

There are a number of key points to consider when planning a playground. For example terrain, surroundings, budget, potential users… Even if you’re looking at pre-existing products, every playground has specific requirements, and that’s why we provide a free, zero obligation site visit.


Design and Quote - Hand Made Places - Playground Equipment

Step 2: Design and Quote

Every quotation is delivered with a full breakdown of costs and a beautiful, 3D design plan for you to share.

Whether you have gone down the ‘bespoke’ path or simply added products to your quote bag, our in-house design team will use all the information about your site and requirements to start work on your project plan.


Place Your Order - Hand Made Places

Step 3: Place Your Order

You can place your order online or over the phone.

Upon receiving a quote and plan from Hand Made Places, you’ll have the option to add as many or as few items from the quote to your bag. Alternatively, you can place your order with a member of our team.


Playground Installations - Hand Made Places

Step 4: Playground Installation

Book an installation date which suits you.

We’ll keep in touch at every stage to call, discuss and update you as necessary. Our professional installers are experienced in working efficiently and safely to complete playground projects with minimum disruption.


More Information?

If you have any questions about how to order your playground equipment or need any help to get started, please contact us online, email us or call on 01420 474111. We’re more than happy to help.