Playground Planters

Whatever the shape or size, we can create a planter for your playground, sensory garden or outdoor classroom area.

Our growing, planting and nature range is dedicated to supporting learning and discovery, as well as encouraging youngsters to spend more time in the fresh air.

As part of the Broxap group of companies, we have many years of experience in designing and building planters for people to enjoy.

And in the Hand Made Places division, there is always a focus on fun as well as education.

For big impact and maximum appeal, we recommend our carved planters which come in a variety of shapes including a fearsome dragon.

Built to bespoke dimensions, the dragon’s body can be filled with shrubs, flowers and plants allowing young gardeners to get creative with their planting schemes.

We also offer a swan planter, bringing interest and beauty to the landscape, and a sensory planter on multiple levels for accessible play and learning.

The sensory planter also features a series of totems to add additional levels of texture and visual stimulation.

Playgrounds are easily brightened and transformed with a planter. Whether it is creating a feature garden or simply adding a planter or two to one corner of the play area, Hand Made Places can supply the right product for your needs.

Built in our North Staffordshire timber workshop, we offer planters large and small which can be arranged to fit into corners, along perimeters or grouped together as a showpiece or series of raised beds.

Our planters can also be used in landscaping to welcome pupils, parents, staff and visitors to schools, community centres and leisure sites.

And because we craft our products from high quality timber, they are the perfect natural complement to both modern and traditional building styles.

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  1. Dragon Body
    BX/HMP 400019 Dragon Body
  2. Dragon Head
    BX/HMP 400020 Dragon Head
  3. Dragon Planter
    dragon_planter Dragon Planter
  4. Triangular Planter
    BX/HMP 400908 Triangular Planter
    From £163.00
  5. Square Planter
    BX/HMP 400905 Square Planter
    From £200.00
  6. Rectangular Planter
    BX/HMP 400906 Rectangular Planter
    From £268.00
  7. Corner Planter
    BX/HMP 400907 Corner Planter
    From £321.00
  8. Hexagonal Planter
    BX/HMP 400904 Hexagonal Planter
    From £142.00
  9. Swan Planter
    BX/HMP 400023 Swan Planter
  10. Sensory Planter
    BX/HMP 400022 Sensory Planter
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