Imaginative Play Equipment

Our range of outdoor play equipment is designed to encourage imaginative play, creativity and innovative thinking. Through imaginative play, basic skills are promoted as youngsters explore, learn, connect to and act out different experiences. This type of role play is important for children and is a vital part of their early development. Play equipment manufactured by Hand Made Places is designed to maximise the play value for children, creating a make-believe environment that’s also full of action and adventure and sensory activities.

Our extensive range of outdoor timber play equipment offers fantastic opportunities for pretend play whether it be in a Shelter, aboard a Boat or around our Sculptures and Totems.
Imaginative play encourages problem solving and cognitive thinking skills. Engagement with other children aids language and communication ability, decision making and cooperation.
Through the installation of playground equipment for imaginative play, early social and emotional skills are honed as children negotiate, take turns and share as part of their own games.
Imaginative play supports traditional learning too. It builds a connection between spoken and written language, preparing little ones for reading and writing as they understand the concept of stories and plays.

It helps children to interpret their feelings and be conscious of their behaviour and reactions. At Hand Made Places we design, manufacture and install a large range of playground equipment which can encourage imaginative play. Our products include Play Units, Bridges, Castles, Play Houses, Cars, Trains and Tractors and Mini Micro World Tables. We offer a free consultation where an experienced playground expert can discuss your ideas and aspirations and build a play area to captivate young minds. Together we work with our clients to develop playgrounds which encourage inclusive, imaginative play among children of all ages and abilities.

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  1. The Nautilus Play Boat
    BX/HMP 150016 The Nautilus Play Boat
  2. Oakwood Galleon Boat
    BX/HMP 250044 Oakwood Galleon Boat
  3. Playboat
    BX/HMP 250016 Playboat
  4. Log Train
    BX/PD 250011 Log Train
  5. Play Train
    BX/HMP 250056 Train Set - 1 Engine, 1 Carriage, 1 Freight Car
  6. Tractor & Trailer
    BX/HMP 2500 Tractor & Trailer
  7. Petrol Pump
    BX/HMP 250012 Petrol Pump
  8. Horse & Cart
    BX/HMP 350012 Horse & Cart
  9. Vanilla Playhouse
    BX/HMP 250901 Vanilla Playhouse
  10. Forest Story House
    BX/PD 200019 Forest Story House
  11. Adventure Castle
    BX/HMP 250020 Adventure Castle
  12. Townhill Multiplay Unit
    BX/HMP 050018 Townhill Multiplay Unit
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