Animal Play Sculptures

From the ferocious to the fantastical, our collection of animal play sculptures and themed playground equipment is designed to capture the attention of children time and again. Hidden amongst a sensory garden or in pride of place at the centre of the playground, our animal range adds an element of surprise for every visitor. Creating a nature trail in the form of our animal face timber totems is a riveting way to teach young people about the environment.

Our carpentry specialists carve out friendly faces including woodland creatures and tiny insects which are mounted on to posts and installed throughout play areas big and small.
Durable and long lasting, they bring play value to recreation grounds and an extra level of interest to gardens and playgrounds. At larger locations, our Crocodile or Sea Monster could be lurking in the play area. There’s even a Shark rearing its head – or how about a peaceful Swan Seat, perfect for a park? Transport children on a trip down to the farm with the addition of a Horse and Cart, Sheep, Raging Bull or Hog. A Dinosaurs Mini Micro World Table continues the animal theme for those who love playing and learning with figures and vehicles. Or get busy with the bees, either with a Springy, Play Sculpture or Totem.

Hand Made Places makes children’s play equipment to suit any location. Crafted from responsibly sourced timber, our animal play products complement their natural surroundings and bring every play area to life. As well as supporting imaginative play, our animal sculptures and totems can be used to develop children’s speech and language skills and incorporated into outdoor lessons. Contact our teams today to discuss how our animal themed equipment can boost sensory and active play in your playground.

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  1. Dragonfly Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350007 Dragonfly Play Sculpture
  2. Swan Seat
    BX/HMP 350020 Swan Seat
  3. Sheep Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350018 Sheep Play Sculpture
  4. Shark Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350017 Shark Play Sculpture
  5. Horse & Cart
    BX/HMP 350012 Horse & Cart
  6. Raging Bull Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350015 Raging Bull Play Sculpture
  7. Grasshopper Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350010 Grasshopper Play Sculpture
  8. Crocodile Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350006 Crocodile Play Sculpture
  9. Cow Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350005 Cow Play Sculpture
  10. Butterfly Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350003 Butterfly Play Sculpture
  11. Bee Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350001 Bee Play Sculpture
  12. Snail Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350025 Snail Play Sculpture
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Items 1-12 of 35

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