Sensory Wall Panels

Outdoor educational activity panels are ideal for school playgrounds, outdoor play areas and sensory gardens. Hand Made Places design and manufactures a range of play panels including finger mazesmirrorswhiteboardsblackboards and a ladder rattle.

Playground activity panels are interactive, engaging and fun items of playground equipment which can increase play value and encourage outdoor learning.

Our activity panels encourage outdoor learning, engagement and social interaction. Activity panels provide an opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to learn through play.

Our range includes a large range of Finger Mazes. Finger mazes include a variety of textures and colours. They provide a challenge for children of all ages and abilities.

As well as creating a multi-sensory playground environment, finger mazes encourage outdoor learning, social interaction and help to develop coordination and motor skills. Finger mazes also provide an element of problem-solving which helps to develop self-awareness as children learn and develop new skills.

Activity panels also include our range of outdoor mirrors. Ideal for sensory gardens our range of mirrors includes concave, flat and convex mirrors which encourage visual discoveries. Outdoor mirrors add a fun element to any playground or sensory gardens.

Outdoor blackboards and whiteboards encourage learning outdoors. These panels encourage children to communicate with one another, engage in imaginative play and express their creative sides whilst playing.

Our playground experts can advise you on the best combination of educational playground equipment and play panels to suit any requirements and needs.

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  1. Finger Mazes
    BX/HMP finger_mazes Finger Mazes
  2. Concave Mirror Panel
    BX/HMP 400005 Concave Mirror Panel
  3. Convex Mirror Panel
    BX/HMP 400006 Convex Mirror Panel
  4. Flat Mirror
    BX/HMP 400028 Flat Mirror
  5. Dry Wipe Board
    BX/HMP 400901 Dry Wipe Board
  6. Chalk Board
    BX/HMP 400902 Chalk Board
  7. Tracing Board
    BX/HMP 400903 Tracing Board
  8. Dizzy Disc
    BX/HMP 400007 Dizzy Disc
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