Children’s Double Slalom Skier

Children’s Double Slalom Skier

SKU: BX/HMP 850306

The Children’s Double Slalom Skier is one of our most popular pieces of fitness equipment.

This great lower-body exercise mimics the actions of the winter Olympic sport “Slalom Skiing” making it extremely enjoyable for primary aged children.

In addition to this, this particular piece of equipment is multi-user making it perfect for also encouraging social interaction.

All of our equipment is designed with safety in mind, and as such the multi-user equipment which we sell features all individual moving parts. Thus meaning that the equipment should never be in motion without a user on it.

The equipment is perfect for primary school use and suitable for children under 140cm in height. 

For more information on this equipment, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01420474111

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Critical Fall Height (m) 0.6
Height (m) 1.2
Age Range 5+