Embankment Ramp

Embankment Ramp

SKU: BX/PD 100014


Existing embankments or slopes around a playground area are not usually seen as part of the play area however if you have various sloped areas this piece of play equipment can turn an unused slope into a fantastic play area for children to enjoy.

Very simple yet highly effective this piece of playground equipment adds a new dimension to play on even the steepest of slopes, used in conjunction with our Embankment Net it offers a great climbing area. Position an embankment slide in between and create an entire playground on the side of a hill.


  • Ramps can be constructed in most lengths and widths and angles are possible in some instances
  • Climbing grips at various intervals to aid childrens ascent
  • Submerged fixing
  • Free height of fall: 300mm
  • Ideal piece of equipment to use ‘lost’ playground space


Critical Fall Height (m) 0.2
Height (m) 0.2
Age Range 3+