Play Boats & Ships

Ship ahoy! Weigh anchor and set sail for wherever the imagination takes you aboard our Play Boats. From an action-packed galleon to a simple sailing boat, our timber play structures are the starting point for many adventures.


Complete with sails and seating, a Playboat could mark out a quiet area for story time or relaxation. It’s a doorway into a land of let’s pretend, with its simplicity helping to fuel role play and creativity. For additional physical play elements, our Oakwood Galleon or Nautilus Play Boat incorporate multi-level activities within the playground structure.

The Nautilus is a climbaround with rock climbing holds around the bow. Scramble nets and pull up ramps can be found around the hull while below deck is the perfect place to make a den. The Oakwood Galleon features ropes and slides while a wobble bridge gives the feel of walking the plank.

All of our play structures are made at our North Staffordshire workshop and our advisers work with clients to create bespoke versions of these favourites to suit every playground. Couple a play boat up with Wet Pour safety surfacing to transform a yard into the deep blue sea or keep it looking more natural with Bound Rubber Mulch. The nautical theme can be taken even further with the addition of timber Play Sculptures from our range. How about a sea monster rising from the deep? Or a shark lurking by a Sand Pit or Water Tray for a sensory and truly inclusive playground experience?

Play boats are designed for imaginative and physical play for children of all ages and abilities. They support the development of gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and challenge children to explore and take risks. Our Play Boats and Ships are the perfect props to encourage language and social skills so that the learning never stops – even at play time.

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