Playground Markings

Fun and colourful playground markings instantly brighten up any play space. Our wide range of designs include games grids, attractive artwork, large-scale learning aids and active routes around the playground.

Playground markings have come a long way since the days of hopscotch – although traditional favourites like this are still available as part of our playground markings service.
We have a fantastic collection of standard designs to choose from as well as the option of coming up with unique playground floor decorations specially for an individual playground site.
Bright playground markings add interest to the playground for an enhanced play experience. They can support standalone activities or complement playground equipment.
Using high-quality, long lasting materials, playground markings are a cost effective way to boost play value when designing a playground.
Suitable for schools, EYFS settings, public playgrounds and visitor sites, playground markings highlight zones which are packed with entertainment.

Playground paint can sketch out popular games like snakes and ladders, chess and mazes. Target zones and progress charts are also popular and can be used in outdoor learning activities as well as incorporated into structured and free play.
Imaginative play opportunities are increased with the addition of markings such as roadways and waterways, particularly when combined with playground equipment such as the Hand Made Places playground sculptures.
Number and letter grids can be laid on the playground as part of an outdoor classroom while also supporting learning through play.
Playground markings can also add variety to PE lessons, as well as provide an incentive for children to stay active during their break and play times.
As well as layouts such as running trails, we supply fitness markings encouraging hopping, jumping, striding and twisting as users make their way around the playground. These features can also contribute to the success of installations such as outdoor gym equipment and active play equipment such as climbing frames.

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