Outdoor Play Equipment for Housing Developments

Play areas which excite and challenge children will always be popular. Being able to satisfy the playground needs and demands of young people requires knowledge of play, technical skill and above all, imagination.

That is where Hand Made Places can support architects and developers.

We can help to deliver the vision of placemaking professionals by creating social and creative experiences which live up to expectation.

A Hand Made Places playground is where memories are made. That’s because we tailor our products and layouts to make best use of the space available, providing a wide range of play experiences.

Our timber play equipment is the perfect complement to outdoor spaces in both urban and rural locations.

The Hand Made Places collection includes physical, imaginary and sensory play equipment, with products that are accessible for wheelchair users and which allow for children of different ages and abilities to play together.

Our play areas are sustainable – they are highly durable and built to last, allowing for change and evolution such as the addition of new features as time goes on.

And while we have a clear focus on fun, every play area we develop is safe and welcoming giving parents and carers, as well as children, the confidence to explore and play freely.

Our play areas include features which encourage movement and physical activity, such as play units, traditional playground equipment and trim trails.

Our sensory range offers plenty to see and touch with the likes of our totems and animal faces. Our music and sound collection is also very popular.

We develop places for social interaction, with a wide range of playground furniture, and products such as play sculptures and our story house transport young people into a world of make believe.

And when the focus turns back to reality, as part of the Broxap group of companies, we can offer a wide range of external shelters, fixtures and fittings such as litter bins, fencing, surfacing and signage.


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Our Sectors

EYFS & Nurseries

When the world around us is a place to explore, ensuring children in nursery and early years settings have safety as well as freedom is crucial.

Primary Education

Play is an important element of primary education, supporting little ones as they transition from early years surroundings.

SEN Schools

Play-based learning can be a vital part of a special needs education structure. We work with SEN schools and facilities to plan for children’s needs as well as provide lots of fun.

Local Authorities

An exciting play area is part of a healthy and happy community. Create imaginative, innovative and stimulating play areas which are valued by residents.

Holiday Parks & Visitor Attractions

Family friendly holiday destinations will always raise a smile with a playground from Hand Made Places.

House Builders

We can help to deliver the vision of placemaking professionals by creating social and creative experiences which live up to expectation.