Play Houses & Castles

Create a personal retreat for little ones with a Play House or Play Castle from Hand Made Places. Long lasting and durable, our collection of Wendy houses and shelters have a variety of functions. Offering a dry place to play on cooler days, and shade during the summer, a play house enables youngsters to spend time outdoors all year round. All of our play houses make a great place to chill out, or turn into a den or club house. And when it comes to imaginative play, a play house can be transformed into anything from a top class restaurant to a school to a police station.


Our Vanilla Playhouse is a cosy space for youngsters to make use of. It can be incorporated into outdoor lessons as a project hub or used as a breakout space. The Hand Made Places Play Den is more spacious and can be used for storage after lessons or when play time is over. Our quality, sturdy wooden play hut is manufactured from responsibly sourced timber, just like the Adventure Castle. This play structure comes complete with static drawbridge and portcullis for the ultimate in imaginative play.

Teaming a play house with other equipment from our range such as the Hand Made Places Mud Kitchen or Chalk Board really enhances the play value and opportunities for adventure. Or install a series of Activity Panels for an exciting and inclusive play experience – the possibilities are endless. Offering children their very own space to play and learn is a fantastic way to give them freedom and independence within safe limits. Supporting learning around behaviours, communication and language, as well as encouraging creativity and respect for their environment, a play house offers so much more than shelter.

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8 Items

  1. Forest Story House
    BX/PD 200019 Forest Story House
  2. Adventure Castle
    BX/HMP 250020 Adventure Castle
  3. Teepee at Paxton Academy, Croydon
    BX/HMP 250034 Teepee
  4. Play Den
    BX/HMP 250052 Play Den
  5. Townhill Multiplay Unit
    BX/HMP 050018 Townhill Multiplay Unit
  6. Vanilla Playhouse
    BX/HMP 250901 Vanilla Playhouse
  7. Holey Poles
    BX/HMP 250037 Holey Poles
  8. Hide and Seek
    BX/HMP 750014 Hide and Seek
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8 Items