Outdoor Playground Equipment For Schools

Playground equipment for schools maximises the value of play – after all, play time is just as important as structured lesson time when it comes to child development.
Our range focuses on every type of outdoor play, allowing schools to design inclusive playgrounds which bring pupils of different interests, abilities and backgrounds together.
School play equipment from Hand Made Places is designed to offer long-lasting playground improvements which students will benefit from year after year.
We design, manufacture and install high quality timber playground equipment for schools with the emphasis on learning and fun.

Climbing Frames and Play Towers are popular additions to school playgrounds, offering plenty of opportunities for pupils to let off steam and stay active throughout the day.
Active play helps to keep young people engaged, with research showing many more positive outcomes such as improved academic attainment and behaviour.
School play equipment can help keep pupils fit and healthy as well as offer important learning opportunities such as the development of fine and gross motor skills.
Trim Trails are also included in our playground equipment for schools range, providing physical challenges for youngsters to tackle as well as being made available for PE lessons and sports warm ups.

Imaginative play equipment for schools can include Adventure Playgrounds as well as the likes of Play Houses and Castles, Playground Sculptures and Stages.
Accommodating role play and make believe adventures, this type of school playground equipment supports the development of emotional understanding and social connections. Outdoor role play gives children the chance to explore and process feelings and reactions in a situation they can control and can form part of a PSHE education programme.

Our outdoor playground equipment is suitable for all types of school and early years setting and we work across the UK to develop KS1, KS2, SEND and EYFS playgrounds.
Sensory play equipment can also be beneficial for all schools, adding a new dimension of discovery to the playground.
This play equipment for schools range includes Sand and Water Play Tables, tactile Totems, Finger Mazes and Activity Panels such as Mirrors. Our Forest School collection and Natural Play range helps to connect young people with the world around them and provides the tools and equipment to support lessons about sustainability and climate change.
We work with our clients to create school playgrounds which are tailored to the needs of students including low arousal environments, wheelchair accessible school playgrounds, and outdoor learning zones.
The Hand Made Places team works together with school leaders, parents and practitioners to design, manufacture and install all the school playground equipment needed for exciting and inspirational outdoor play and learning environments.

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  1. Ashbury Climbing Frame
    BX/HMP 150902 Ashbury Climbing Frame
  2. Beddington Play Unit
    BX/HMP 150005 Beddington Play Unit
  3. Andover Play Unit
    BX/HMP 150004 Andover Play Unit
  4. Sunflower Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050011 Sunflower Play Unit
  5. Chute Multiplay
    BX/HMP 050019 Chute Multiplay
  6. Action Station III
    BX/HMP 050903 Action Station III
  7. Wren's Nest
    BX/HMP 150020 Wren's Nest
  8. The Nautilus Play Boat
    BX/HMP 150016 The Nautilus Play Boat
  9. Oakwood Galleon Boat
    BX/HMP 250044 Oakwood Galleon Boat
  10. Darrel Gazebo
    BX/HMP 200012 Darell Gazebo
    Special Price From £4,458.00 RRP £5,245.00
  11. Storyteller's Chair
    BX/HMP 450028 Storyteller's Chair
  12. Oak Leaf Table
    BX/HMP 450021 Oak Leaf Table
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Items 1-12 of 104