Outdoor Musical Instruments

Music is a wonderful way of encouraging self-expression, communication with others and building self-confidence. Outdoor musical playground equipment supports cognitive and emotional development and also provides physical play opportunities for all abilities and ages.

The range of outdoor musical instruments from Hand Made Places can enrich any school playground or outdoor sensory area.
Outdoor musical instruments create a stimulating learning environment and make musical expression accessible in the playground. 
Playground musical instruments can support curriculum delivery in EYFS settings as well as for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.
They also enhance the learning process and provide fantastic teaching tools for outdoor group activities. Outdoor musical equipment is perfect for inclusive playgrounds, adding a sensory element to community play areas and providing a fun, interactive dimension to school playgrounds.

Our range of outdoor musical instruments are bright, durable and attractive and provide an enjoyable way for children to explore and understand music. They provide children with the opportunity to explore and express their creativity. Outdoor musical play instruments also allow children to engage with one another as they play and make music together thanks to many multi-user designs.

Outdoor musical instruments include favourites such as the Bongos, Chimes and Glockenspiel through to more complex and unusual instruments such as the Grand Marimba and Handpipes. This variety means that children learn plenty of new skills helping to build their self-esteem.

Playground musical instruments are suitable for children of all ages and abilities. They can be themed such as the inclusion of Petal Drums and Harmony Flowers in garden areas or incorporated into the playscape like the wall mounted Mirror Chimes.
Accessible outdoor musical instruments include the Grand Floor Piano and Baby Floor Piano, ideal for SEND environments as well as public playgrounds.
Hand Made Places designs, manufactures and installs playgrounds where everybody can have fun as well as learn and grow. 
Music is a powerful tool in bringing people together and outdoor musical instruments are the ideal feature to create a sense of belonging in the playground.

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  1. Chimes
    BX/HMP 650001 Chimes
  2. Akadinda
    BX/HMP 650018 Akadinda
  3. Petal Drum
    BX/HMP 650047 Petal Drum
  4. Turtle Drum
    BX/HMP 650007 Turtle Drum
  5. Percussion Post
    BX/HMP 650902 Percussion Post
    From £415.00
  6. Sound Centre
    BX/HMP 650045 Sound Centre
  7. Tiger Glockenspiel
    BX/HMP 650006 Tiger Glockenspiel
  8. Tubular Bells
    BX/HMP 650 Tubular Bells
    From £447.00
  9. Rainwheel
    BX/HMP 650004 Rainwheel
  10. Congas
    BX/HMP 650050-TRIO Congas
    From £657.00
  11. Freechimes
    BX/HMP 650041 Freechimes
    From £557.00
  12. Cow Bells
    BX/HMP 650903 Cow Bells
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Items 1-12 of 49