Embankment Slides

We have taken one of the most traditional pieces of playground equipmentplayground slides, and turned it into a way to maximise use of space. The purpose of this range is to transform empty, uneven ground into an exciting feature or even an entire play area.

The playground slides in this range are perfect for placement on unused slopes or embankments. As with many Hand Made Places products, personalisation is key to a successful unit. Therefore each embankment slide is made exactly to order according to the required height, angle, length and material. They are available straight, twisted, wavy and even as enclosed tubes.

In addition to optional timber steps, we have also designed nets and climbing ramps which you can use alone or in conjunction with a slide. To really enhance a sloped area, why not install a classic zip slide? This firm favourite is also available for installation on a flat surface.

There’s a reason embankment slides have always been so popular; they are a safe way of bringing extra excitement to a play area. At Hand Made Places we are particularly proud of this range as it allows an otherwise unused area to provide limitless inspiration for creative and imaginative play.

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  1. Embankment Slide
    BX/PD 100074 Embankment Playground Slides
  2. Embankment Ramp (3m)
    BX/PD 100014 Embankment Ramp (3m)
  3. Embankment Net
    BX/PD 100013 Embankment Net (3m)
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3 Items