Outdoor Classrooms, Shelters & Shade Sails

Hand Made Places design and manufactures a large range of high quality wooden outdoor classrooms and playground shelters. Our range includes wooden gazebos, shelters and shade sails which provide protection from sun and rain enabling children to benefit from outdoor play and learning within a natural and engaging environment.

A wooden outdoor classroom provides an alternative from the traditional classroom and creates an ideal base to encourage children to learn about nature and explore their surroundings.

Outdoor classrooms for schools can open the doors to further learning opportunities and can be used to encourage a hands-on and multi-sensory learning experience. Our range of wooden gazebos and playground shelters can be used across the curriculum to provide an alternative learning environment. 

Outdoor educational opportunities can improve the quality of learning experience for children and improve skills such as communication, confidence and independence.

Take storytelling outdoors with our range of handcrafted high quality timber playground storytelling chairs and benches. Outdoor storytelling areas encourages literacy, reading and communication skills. Storytelling chairs, circles and benches provide a fun addition to any school playground.

Hand Made Places manufacture a variety of school playground shelters and outdoor classrooms all of which can be bespoke designed to suit any requirement including size and style. Our most popular outdoor shelter is the Darell Gazebo which creates a large outdoor covered area ideal for outdoor teaching, socialising or outdoor dining. The standard Darell gazebo can accommodate over 30 children.

Outdoor classrooms for schools can be combined with our range of high-quality playground equipment such as the Story Telling Circle, Post Mounted Blackboards or Outdoor Musical Instruments to encourage storytelling and provide children with the opportunity to express their creativity outdoors.

Our playground shade sails provide shelter from the sun whilst providing a large covered outdoor learning area. The Westgate, for example, has a large seating and performance area covered with shade sails. The Westgate also includes planters which can be filled with sensory plants.

Hand Made Places provide a free consultation so you can discuss your requirements with one of our experienced experts to create an outdoor classroom suitable for your needs and budget.

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  1. Darrel Gazebo
    BX/HMP 200012 Darell Gazebo
    From £5,245.00
  2. Caversham Gazebo
    BX/HMP 200016 Caversham Gazebo
    From £3,985.00
  3. Willingdon Gazebo
    BX/HMP 200013 Willingdon Gazebo
    From £2,237.00
  4. Open Pergola
    BX/HMP 200017 Open Pergola
  5. The Grace Shelter
    BX/HMP 200020 Grace Shelter
  6. Westgate Outdoor Classroom
    BX/HMP 200008 Westgate Outdoor Classroom
  7. Shade Sail Canopy
    BX/HMP 200018 Shade Sail Canopy
  8. Forest Story House
    BX/PD 200019 Forest Story House
  9. Rake Shelter
    BX/HMP 200015 Rake Shelter
  10. Sunshine Shelter
    BX/PD 200017 Sunshine Shelter
  11. Anglesey Pavillion
    BX/HMP BSP-200021 Anglesey Pavillion
  12. Varndean Amphitheatre
    BX/HMP 200022 Varndean Amphitheatre
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Items 1-12 of 19